A couple of weeks ago I posted an audio from Barry Joye describing the reorganization happening at Team in Focus. Today I received a copy of a letter from a Team in Focus leader stating the following:

…I have felt over the last year and a half that TIF was on its last leg…

Team In Focus will address these issues by closing  and reopening as VitaLife Networks with a new compensation plan.  Vitalife Networks will have the proper product strategy and from what I can tell the best compensation in the industry.  But most of all Barry, Rob and Jim at the corporation discovered what I did, the proper way to build our team.  It is simple, we will focus on the product and not the opportunity.  We have a couple of great products that have an incredible story behind them.

You might recall that I suggested that the product change might be due to the alleged padlock on the door of Team in Focus products at their current warehouse.

I also find the sudden focus on product interesting as well, given the fact that several former Team in Focus leaders are now with Univera LifeSciences, a company that focuses on the product instead of the opportunity.