A Quixtar Motivational System promotes a business building technique called stacking. Stacking refers to the practice of placing people down one leg. In other words if I sponsor "Joe", then everyone else I sponsor goes under Joe and so on. (If you have any questions regarding the terminology used throughout this post, feel free to e-mail me using the link on the left side of the blog and I will do my best to explain it in English.)

Stacking is not always a bad thing in Network Marketing. It depends greatly on your compensation plan. Interesting enough "stacking" makes little sense in Quixtar if you are concerned with "Quixtar Money". Stacking makes perfect sense in Quixtar if you would like to make money from books, tapes, and functions with no concern to the profitability of your downline.

In essence, Quixtar pays you to create volume, but when someone in your downline matches your volume level, you don’t make any money.

Example (if you do not have experience with Quixtar/Amway, this may sound like another language…feel free to ask any questions, I will be happy to clarify): Joe’s volume is 1200PV, he does 200PV personally and according to the teaching of "A Quixtar System", the other 1000PV goes down one leg. Assuming everyone does 200PV in the leg you will have roughly 6 people in depth. From the outside this looks like a fast growing group…lots of excitement…2 couples go across the stage as 1000PV Winners! In fact, every time a new person gets placed in that leg and does 200PV, you will have another 1000PV winner to Parade across the stage.

Sounds great, lots of excitement and growth…but let’s look at the profit!!!

1200 PV = 2400 BV x 12% Level comes to: $288 (HEY NOT BAD)


Joe has all of his group down one leg so part of his bonus is going to be paid downline as follows:

1000PV = 2000BV x 12% Level comes to: $240

Now let’s go back to Joe for a second…Joe gets to keep the difference between $288 and $240 or $48 – tapes, books, functions, voice mail, website and presto probably a $200 or more net loss per month.

But hey, he is only 1000PV in A Quixtar System and he is excited…he will surely make money at 2500PV…..WRONG! At 2500 he makes $60 Gross. But he is following the A Quixtar System…how about 4000PV…$72 Gross.

Imagine a "Pin Winners" parade with 20 new pins all from one leg with 1000’s, 2500’s, and 4000’s galore…yet no one making more than $72 Gross…a few might make slightly more or less depending on where the volume falls in a given month, but you get the picture.

In my opinion the A Quixtar System is set up so that excitement is created and "new pins" are created, making it more difficult to quit. Think about it…you are a new 1000 Pin…getting your pats on the back…being paraded across stage…the reality you just grossed $48 and probably spent $250 on the system.

If a diamond in A Quixtar System is paid on the number of tapes they move, the number of people attending functions, and number of folks that buy books, voice mail and website access…do they care if those numbers come from width or depth?