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“That Pimp Is Quixtar”


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"I live in a land of alienate my friends, co-workers, relatives and neighbors…"

Update: It looks like the original video was removed due to copyright issues. A reader sent me this replacement.

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  1. I love how the Inside Quixtar perception is that critics of the Quixtar business are against free enterprise and freedom.

    I think Quixtar is a horrible business opportunity, but frankly I am 100% for business ownership and freedom.

  2. The voice over on Quixtar's PR ad is really funny! It's a realistic spoof of some real and not so real opinions.

    I am an IBO. Because I viewed the Quixtar opportunity as a REAL business, I never thought I'd get rich off my friends and family. So I showed them my biz with the expectation that if they were interested… fine… if not… fine.

    Your experience with Quixtar is totally dependent on your upline. WorldWide Group has the best training program for business owners that I've ever seen (no corp program holds a candle to it)… and the training is endorsed by John Maxwell (he personally attends and speaks at our leadership conferences).

    So, while you enjoy this vid clip, know there are people who have made Quixtar work who haven't had to compromise their values and work hard to counter the opinions expressed in the vid voice over.

    Check it out!

  3. I was involved with World Wide Group, personally sponsored by a diamond and one deep from a founders triple diamond.

    If the World Wide Group training is so good, why do less than 5% of World Wide IBO's turn a profit in Quixtar?

  4. Maybe it's because many ibo's aren't active when they join the business. Just going to some meetings & listening to cd's isn't make you profit. It would be nice to Show The Plan & do something which most don't. Probably if the investment was higher they would show up but w/ a low fee to get started why show up. Laziness takes over all the time, it's a hope to be Free not a Want! I have seen it over & over again. Not just w/ Quixtar but w/ other businesses also.

  5. Insider,

    I was sponsored by Samir Attalah in WWDB. I suspect that he purchased volume to qualify as Diamond and I would also suspect that Brad Duncan knew about it.

  6. Hey Ty, Just curious – Did World Wide Group teach your Diamond sponsor to buy a legs volume himself to qualify, or did he come up with that idea himself?


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