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The Arbonne Company Spin “Restructuring Debt”


Yesterday, I made a post about rumors related to Arbonne’s financial situation.  I confirmed those rumors from a number of people who participated in a nation wide conference call with Rita Davenport.  Allegedly what was said on the call was something along the lines of if we don’t get additional funding of $400 million dollars, we may file bankruptcy.

Then today, I woke up and found the following anonymously letter sent to me:


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  1. The troublesome part is they are not being straight with us and making it difficult to conitnue to turst they have our best interests at heart.

  2. This is the NEW Arbonne. Corporate and not caring about the people anymore. They don’t care who they hurt to get what they want and that is to cover themselves in this economy.
    With all of the people they are letting go and all of the changes, wow…I wonder who will stay around to help them.

  3. I am not sure what you people know or don’t know but Arbonne is still and awesome company with quality products. I will continue to support the business and use their products. If you want to talk about the real liars lets talk about Corporate America, the big bank and financial institutes that use people everyday.

  4. Hey MO.

    Perhaps you should keep quiet about banks since they just saved your ARbonne behind. Remember it is corporate ARB that you work for

  5. Arbonne has made a great move by doing a prepackaged Chapter 11. This is what the auto companies should have done, rather than had the government bail them out!
    It is business as usual for Arbonne! Our lenders have turned their debt into equity! They would not have done that if they didn’t see the bright future of Arbonne!
    We aren’t going any where but up, up, up!!!! Here’s to our biggest year ever, with more new products as we celebrate 30 years in business! Be blessed!

  6. Bright,

    Let’s not forget to look at the big picture here. Usually when a bank takes over a company that is heavily in debt to them, as Arbonne is, they generally see little choice in the matter. Reason being, they, too, will suffer a financial loss, not only by the loan defaulting, but also by the loss of a business that goes under. You see, if Arbonne had no buyer, then then would have to file a Chapter 7 and go out of business. The end result to the bank is that they lose, not only the loan they extended, but also one of their biggest depositors. So, akin to the same situation in the 80’s, when Sun Pacific bailed out Donald Trump, now Arbonne’s banks are doing the same for them. These large companies create a real domino effect with all who are tied to them financial. It is an ugly mess, to say the least. The biggest thing I still cannot get my head around is HOW a company, such as Arbonne, could amass $800 million in debt when their receivables are all C.O.D.?!?!?!?
    This is THE MOST lucrative payment term a business could want, and they still screwed it up. Sheesh!


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