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The Elevation Group with Mike Dillard


The Elevation Group is a program led by Mike Dillard, founder of Magnetic Sponsoring.  The purpose of the group is to gain education related to the economy, investing and what the wealthy do with their money.

In one of the worst economies ever and in a business building environment where Google took away the number one lead generation resource for Internet Marketing gurus, Mike has been able to increase his wealth by 280% since 2008.

If you want to find our how he did it, he outlines everything in this free video.

Mike Dillard Elevation Group video.

If you would like to see my short review:

Mike Dillard Elevation Group Review


  1. The Elevation Group is going to be huge. I am so there. I agree with everything Dillard has been talking about in his promotional videos with this stuff.

    The exciting part is that I as an entrepreneur get to be there to help the world through this massive wealth transfer

  2. I think the EVG is going to be a real game changer in the coming weeks for alot of people to get some well needed training on money. Thanks for the article.

  3. Everything that Mike talks about in the EVG video is absolutely true. I’ve been following this stuff also for quite some time and glad to see that other people like Mike are catching on to the changes and difficult times we face ahead in the economy.

    It’s one thing to make a lot of money in network marketing, but it’s not going to matter if all the wealth you worked so hard for gets destroyed in the next year or too.

    EVG is going to be a great resource and help many people protect their assets.

  4. Ty, Mike is a genius. We all know that. He’s positioned himself perfectly for this market. Thanks for the elevation group info.

    Rick Zepeda!

  5. The magnetic sponsoring book u get is a great source of information for new up and coming network marketers that want to understand what it takes to turn a profit online. It is really a MUST HAVE when it comes to MLM online!

  6. Ty, I will say this; your post is important, because most people really need to know more about what to expect INSIDE Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group before they join.

    Why? Because, as a member, I’ve seen that many people join with a “sheep mentality” and expect Mike to tell them what to do and they’ll just blindly follow. That’s not the deal. The elevation group is for the financially enlightened; AKA “The Awake.” It’s for people who want to LEARN to fish, not be given fish.

    Everyone else will be disappointed.

    Great, important post Ty!


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