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The MLM Talent Stack


Every successful Network Marketing/MLM professional has a set of skills that help her build her team.  Thanks to Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, I now call the set of skills a “stack”.

I first heard of the “talent stack” when Adams was talking about Donald Trump. Bear with me here.  I don’t care about your politics or Trump’s for the purpose of this blog post.  We are simply focusing on Trump’s skills. Politics aside, you have to be impressed with knocking off 16 competitors and being neck and neck in the polls with Hillary Clinton as of today.

“Individually, most of his (Donald Trump’s) skills are average or a bit above. But viewed as a whole…holy shit. Let’s take a look at Trump’s talent stack.

1. Raw intelligence (opinions vary, but smart enough)

2. Business skills (plenty of failures, but better at business than most of us)

3. Public speaking skills (He’s no Martin Luther King, but very good)

4. Vocabulary and speaking (4th-grade vocabulary but still effective)

5. Ability to withstand criticism (Thin-skinned at times, but very good)

6. Sense of humor (Good, but not Seinfeld)

7. Negotiating technique (Great, but lots of people are great negotiators.)

8. Strategy (Great lately, but not always great in the past)”

It’s not one thing that makes Trump so successful, it’s a stack of things. Same with Network Marketing.  I have personally witnessed very good salespeople fail at Network Marketing.

As far as the Network Marketing/MLM Talent Stack goes:

  • People Skills
  • Sales
  • Public Speaking
  • Follow Up Skills

What other skills are important to the talent stack for MLM? Leave a comment below.

If you lack “the stack” in terms of your Facebook skills, here is the link to my eBook that might help.

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