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The Seasons of Network Marketing


Like any business, the Network Marketing industry has it’s seasons. I put these seasons in three categories: Primary Building, Secondary Building and Casual Building.

There are actually two times of year that I call Primary Building and we just entered one of them!

Primary Building months are January, February, March, April, May, September, October and November. These are the times to absolutely focus and put the peddle to the metal. You will rarely find me taking any time off in these months, although technology certainly allows me to work from all kinds of crazy locations.

Secondary building months are June, July and August. While I call these months Secondary Building months, I have actually had some of my best months ever in these months because many people seem to take the summer off, leaving less competition.

The Casual Building month in the U.S. is Decemeber.  Network Marketing is a business of connecting and I use December as a month to reach out to people that I don’t always connect with. I still build and sponsor people in Decemeber but I simply build a little more casually. December is probably a pretty good month to take a vacation.


Ty Tribble is a Work At Home Dad from Seattle, Washington.

If you are prepared to do your best and reach your highest, Ty is looking for a very small number of entrepreneurs who would like to learn everything he knows about creating traffic, leads and cash on the Internet. 

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  1. Very interesting article on the seasons of network marketing. Very phychologically linked to the behaviour of the people in regards to the mood of the year. Like in September and October when people are looking to find a new job or get tired of their job towards the end of the year or maybe in december, when everybody is taking a holiday and not looking for anything new etc. Thank you for sharing ^^

  2. Great Post Ty!

    I believe many people confuse the ability to work from anywhere with being on permanent vacation.

    As with anything it's always good to plan.



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