1. amazing that you don't recognize the legal strategy these moves indicate. This is no backing out, no losing steam –> just a VERY smart Team of leaders who know how to fight the battles to win the war…

  2. Yes, TEAM has a a non-compete. It is one year vs. the Quixtar non-compete of 6 months. Why do you think TEAM would have a longer non-compete than Quixtar?

  3. Quixtar has a TWO YEAR non-compete clause that says you can't solicit anyone who was in Quixtar for anything else for 2 years. Imagine owning and selling a Burger King and told you can be sued for buying another company's franchise, regardless of what it is, 5 months later! Or that you can't talk to someone else from Burger King about buying any other franchise where you've found an opportunity for them – even a year and a half later! You'd think that was ridiculous and illegal. Somehow Quixtar's above the rules?

  4. Quixtar is not above the rules, but neither is TEAM. No one put a gun to your head to continue being IBOs when Quixtar changed their rules (shortly after Bo Short left) to include a non-compete.

    Non-compete agreements are not enforceable if the activity being prohibited is your only source of income. Maybe this is why Orrin is trying so hard to get out of his Q non-compete? He has other income sources, so he can be held legally liable if he breaks it. By the way, why should TEAM be allowed to break contracts they enter into of their own volition?

    Just because TEAM ran their version of the Quixtar business in a pyramid manner doesn't mean the Quixtar as a whole is a pyramid. What does Orrin hope the courts do? Does he want some kind of government price controls on Quixtar products? That doesn't sound very much like free enterprise.

  5. what happened to free america and free enterprise??

    Almost makes you want to leave the USA and have quixtar soon to be amway again band around the world.

    the very reason I left after 10 years!!


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