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The Facts About A Quixtar Team


From the MLM Blog archives:

Let’s contrast a quote from a A Quixtar System webpage titled The Facts About Quixtar with a quote from a member of A Quixtar System.

"If someone chooses to buy the majority of their monthly reuseable products on-line for 2-4 years, they can take their monthly checks of $2000.00 – $10,000.00, then they can not only buy at all of the B&M (Brick & Mortor) stores they want, they can actually buy a B&M store.

Ask anybody if they would rather buy at a B&M store and save $50.00 a month with discounts or buy on-line and get $1000.00+ a month, every month. There’s a fortune to be made by a consumer by shopping on-line and showing others how to do the same, not so for a consumer going to B&M stores."

– Bankin’ It, (a A Quixtar System member)

"Quixtar’s business plan follows the same established plan cited by the Michigan Attorney General as an example of a legal, legitimate tiered marketing business. There are four key elements that make the Quixtar Plan legal and a model of integrity:

Sales-based compensation. Compensation in the Quixtar Plan is based on sales of products and services to consumers. An IBO who sponsors/registers other IBOs earns income based on his own sales and on sales made by his downline IBOs. IBOs cannot receive income based on sales by downline IBOs without meeting specified retail selling requirements each month."

– Quote from "The Facts About Quixtar"

Ring in once you find the difference in what is being said….



On one hand you have A Quixtar System member, "Bankin It" telling the world that if you buy the majority of your products for 2-4 years you will make $2,000-$10,000 per month. Bankin’ it never mentions product sales. On the other hand you have "The Facts About Quixtar" saying that Quixtar is "Sales-based compensation".

I don’t blame A Quixtar System member Bankin’ It for his ideas. The stuff being said by "Bankin’ It" no doubt came from his upline and was more than likely passed down from the leadership of A Quixtar System. So the leadership of A Quixtar System publishes "The Facts About Quixtar". The irony is that those facts do not appear to be "The Facts About A Quixtar System".

Special Message to Quixtar System Members: Your dog and cat DO NOT count as customers according to the FTC.

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