From the MLM BLog Archives:

Quixtar Motivational System – ILD

Leader: Jack Daughery


History: Between 1993 and 1995 WWDB broke quite a few diamonds, many of which were in the Daughery line of sponsorship. Daughery’s philosophy of pin building was "create the pin and the volume will follow." In other words, do whatever it takes (read: BUY the pin) to create the new emerald or diamond and, because of the excitement created, more people will be sponsored and the volume in that leg will increase to where you have a legitimate diamond or emerald business. People were buying vacuums and Kitchen Queen cookware by the cases and doing pv/bv transfers to create that elusive 7500 pv to artificially create new direct businesses. This is why many of those ILD diamonds are no longer qualified – they didn’t have the roots to support the title. (Ron Puryear and WorldWide as a whole discourage this. They have "Pin Parameters" that must be met before you are allowed to receive the next highest pin – Direct or higher – because it is viewed as a huge negative to the organization to fall out of qualification.) Anyway, because Jack was creating most of the diamonds, Jack and a few of his downline diamonds felt it may be time for a leadership change in WWDB. Ron Puryear had been at the head since it’s inception in the late 1970’s. Ron supposedly said that he would step aside and let Jack lead Woldwide if the leadership board voted to support it. Well, Jack didn’t have nearly enough support and lost the vote. Within 6 months he had started ILD (called "I Love Daughery" in these parts) so he could be Grand Pubah and feed his massive ego.