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The Network Marketing Lightbulb Goes On


The 5 Aha’s of Natural Selling in MLM:

1. The First Aha: Seek with Purpose
APPROACH FROM A PLACE OF PURPOSE AND FOCUS ON WHERE I CAN BE OF HELP. I will not race through my names list, seeking my leaders in frenzy. Taking more time with each person will help me to be a better listener, learner, and leader.

2. The Second Aha: CHILL. . .
When a person chooses to engage with me, in a dialogue about them, I WILL NOT JUMP IN WITH MY SOLUTION AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY.

I will dig deeper, asking more questions, to find what lies beneath the surface of their concerns.

3. The Third Aha: Integrity in the asking
I must ask people the questions that I know they would want to ask if they knew what to ask.

WOW. This philosophy is quintessential to maintaining integrity in our business practice. Truly, we are seeking to assist people in discovering their own truth, their own reasons for making a CHANGE.

4. The Fourth Aha: What I am REALLY selling….
I am selling MY UNDERSTANDING OF MY POTENTIAL PARTNER OR CUSTOMER. Allow that person to feel that they are truly being heard. Listen with ENLIGHTENED INDIFFERENCE.

Got it. It is so clear!

5. The Fifth Aha: Don’t treat any responses as a defeat.
This is something I have already been practicing, without fully recognizing its importance. Each time I get off the phone with someone I reflect on the conversation and fill in any holes that I may have failed to fill. I take a moment to determine if my response was effective, and if not, how I might deal with a similar situation in the future. It is my job to discover if this person has any problems that I may be able to solve.
– C. Mintz – BC, Canada

Reprinted with permission from Michael Oliver, Natural Selling® Sales Training http://www.naturalselling.com

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