Bo Short has recently referred to Univera LifeSciences as the "Perfect Storm", (click to hear the audio). The term is not referring to the catastrophic events as portrayed in the movie, but rather the coming together of a number of forces, creating a very unique situation.

Read other places that the term is used:

Accounting’s Perfect Storm:

Thanks to a perfect storm of circumstances of recent years — a growing economy, a heavy workload prompted by requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the impending retirement of up to 50 percent of government accounting employees, and a shortage of accounting majors during the 1990s — entry-level and experienced accountants alike are now being scouted and recruited as if they were top prospects for the NFL draft.

Six Sigma’s Perfect Storm:

The fact is, Six Sigma has become what it is because it is the "perfect storm" – the result of various forces coming together in a decades-long development which contains the genius of untold numbers of contributors in an ever-changing business environment.

The Univera LifeSciences storm refers to the coming together of compensation, products, pricing, training, leadership and a profitable company experiencing double digit growth.