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Three Proven Ways To Approach Your List About Your Primary Business


So you have a blog up and running.  You’ve got some traffic…real people reading your stuff as a result of posting quality content and letting people know about it via social media.

You are even capturing some of that traffic via email opt in to a free report, video series or perhaps an interview. You are without a doubt at a crossroads. You’ve got to let your list know about your business. (That’s why you started doing all of this in the first place, right?) But you would like to make this transition as seamless and subtle as possible.

If you are hesitant to contact the people on your list about your opportunity, keep this in mind:  only 75% of the people on your list are actively involved with a particular company.

Here are 3 ways that I have used to approach people on my list about my opportunity:

Sell your list something. Then call to offer your help implementing what they purchased. This, in my opinion is one of the very best ways to connect with your list and get to know them better. It gives you a great reason to pick up the phone and get more personal with people.

Tell your list the statistics. If you know that roughly 25% of the people on your list are not active in a company, give them the stat and let them know that you know they are shopping for the right situation…offer something of value for those who might be looking for an opportunity right now. You might offer a personal one on one training session with your successful upline to anyone who signs up before the end of the month.  This should be big on value and light on the hard sell.  Maybe you offer to host and set up a blog for the first person who signs up with you at a particular level.  Your options are limitless.

Explain why you do what you do. Be transparent and explain your funnel.  Tell people that the reason you offer so much value and work so hard to help people is to attract people to your primary business. You are not in the business of taking people away from their current opportunity, you are providing an opportunity to those who are looking for one. Tell people what you and your company bring to the table.  (I’m not talking about “we have the best compensation plan in the world and helped more people become millionaires than Microsoft” junk.)  It’s about how you can help someone truly achieve their goals.












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  1. Great ideas, Ty. I think the most important thing to do with your list is offer value. Yes, you need to sell, but if every email is a pitch to buy something most people won’t stick around long. I try to have something to buy in a P.S. line of every email, but the emails themselves are all educational in nature. Great write up. Thanks for sharing.



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