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Top 10 MLM Blogs of the Week – December 26th, 2017


The Top 10 MLM Blogs of the week are currently compiled using Alexa traffic rankings.  Alexa ranking are not perfect and we are working on a more complete formula.

We also added a “trending” up or down to the results this week.

That said, here are this week’s results:

  1. BusinessForHome.org – 79,200 (down)
  2. RayHigdon.com – 130,525 (down)
  3. OnlineMLMCommunity.com – 289,609 (up)
  4. MattMorris.com – 333,870 (down)
  5. ErikChristianJohnson.com – 351,851 (up)
  6. RichardMatharoo.com – 506,505 (down)
  7. SarahRobbins.com – 631,764 (down)
  8. WorldsLaziestNetworker.com – 683,629 (down)
  9. OnlineWealthPartner.com – 831,807 (down)
  10. JasonLeeHQ.com – 862,694 (down)

You’ll notice several blogs trending downward, likely due to Christmas holiday.

You might notice that some big names with high Alexa rankings are missing from the list. Eric Worre is a good example. While we love Eric and if this was a list of the top MLM trainers, he would top the list. However, he is not a regular blogger.

If you feel like I missed someone, let me know in the comments.

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