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Top 10 MLM Blogs of the Week – December 8th, 2017


A long time ago (May of 2006) on a blog long gone (Multileveler), I did a weekly post with the Top 10 MLM Blog’s listed according to their Alexa ranking.

What you might find interesting (at that time), it was quite difficult to find 10 MLM Bloggers that posted on their blogs regularly.

In those early days of MLM Blogging, the one and only Kim Klaver and I battled it out for top MLM Blogger. While neither of us have been very active blogging over the last couple of years.

Today, I bring you the new and improved Top 10 MLM Blogs of the Week. I am still working on the exact formula and criteria for ranking, but here are this week’s results:

  1. BusinessForHome.org – 73,946
  2. RayHigdon.com – 130,510
  3. OnlineMLMCommunity.com – 296,835
  4. MattMorris.com – 345,066
  5. ErikChristianJohnson.com – 367,908
  6. RichardMatharoo.com – 499,843
  7. SarahRobbins.com – 621,424
  8. WorldsLaziestNetworker.com – 694,413
  9. OnlineWealthPartner.com – 784,550
  10. JasonLeeHQ.com – 802,814

You might notice that some big names with high Alexa rankings are missing from the list.  Keep in mind,  these are the top MLM blogs, not top trainers or most popular speakers (although some may be both).

If you feel like I missed someone, let me know in the comments.

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