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Tupperware Indonesia Gives Blood


By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

From The Jakarta Globe:

(Donors giving blood during an event organized by Tupperware Indonesia
at Plaza Semanggi on Friday.
(Photo: Jurnasyanto Sukarno, JG))

As shoppers rushed in and out of the stores at Plaza Semanggi in South Jakarta on Friday, some stopped to donate blood to the Indonesian Red Cross.

Among them was Effi Prabowo, 52, a longtime blood donor.  “This is the 28th time I have given blood,” said Effi, smiling.

“I seek out events like this at which to donate blood — preferably ones that are close to my house.”

Effi said she was introduced to the habit of donating blood by her husband and found, after his death, that she could not abandon it.  “My husband liked to give blood and he got me to go along with him,” she said.

Effi donated blood for the first time in 1990 and now gives blood about four times a year.  She said she’d hoped her son would also be a frequent blood donor, but it turned out that he was afraid of needles.

Rini Astuti is a doctor who has been working for the Indonesian Red Cross for the past six years.  She said the average daily amount of blood needed by hospitals in the city was 300 units, which meant about 300 blood donations a day were needed.

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