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Twitter Tips And Social Marketing


If you don't have your own blog then you're my mother. Or one of her friends. Everyone else has a blog. And rightfully so. But what is Twitter? 

One of my favourite blog resources is Kikolani – The art of blogging. Technically beautiful and artfully beneficial. 

And she has a great post with tips for Twitter and Facebook users. 

Excerpt from Kikolani: 

RT @username
Updates that start with RT @username are called Re-tweets. This is an update where you repeat another user’s tweet. If a user posts a tweet that you want to share with your followers, you would just copy their tweet, and add RT @username. This gives them the credit for the tweet, and lets them know when they are reviewing their replies that you shared their tweet, which is something most users appreciate. It’s a great way to build good relationships with your followers.

The other great thing about RT’s is if you share something valuable, other’s will RT your update. This in turn will give you more credibility as a Twitter user who adds value to the community, and will probably result in more followers. So whenever you are reading a great article, it’s a good thing to take a few extra moments to share that article with your Twitter followers.


  1. Hey, we must be brothers because my mom doesn't have a blog either! LOL! That was funny, man. Tons of great info here as well! As someone who's approaching his first year in the industry I can honestly say that this blog is an excellent resource for any network marketer.


  2. Hey watch it, I am one of your mothers friends (the blogless one from across the street). Just Kidding!! 😉 I don't know that everyone needs to have a blog, because quite honestly not everyone has something to say (well, anything that is relevant anyway)!! That is the review from the peanut gallery.


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