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Univera Ageless Xtra Clinical Studies


 I looked all over the place, but could not find a single clinical study on Univera’s Ageless Xtra product.

I did find a clinical study on EIRO’s Super-antioxidant liquid nutritional showing a significant increase in cellular antioxidant levels: 

Blood was collected four times over a two-hour test period so that effects on blood markers of antioxidant activity and cellular health could be determined.

…superoxide dismutase (SOD) rose after consumption of the fruit juice beverage. Between the fruit juice beverage and water, the positive findings on SOD were highly statistically significant at the 60 minute mark (increase of 0.24 ± 0.214; p=0.006).

Superoxide dismutase is important in the body’s oxidant defense system. SOD is an enzyme that neutralizes the superoxide radical, one of the most prevalent free radicals in the human body. SOD levels decrease with age and play an important role in protecting cells and DNA from damage caused by oxidative stress.

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