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Updated MLM Blog Network Sites


I just want to clarify that the launch of MLMVox – Free Blogs for Network Marketers, doesn’t mean that the MLM Blog Network as it exists today will be going away any time soon.

We have some great bloggers at the MLM Blog Network and I might even be expanding it in the future. The MLM Blog Network really has one spot for each company or topic. That means for the most part, one Xango rep., one MonaVie rep., one Herbalife rep., etc. MLMVox is kind of like the minor leagues of blogging, the great bloggers from MLMVox will be offered a chance to blog at the MLM Blog Network.

MLMVox is an automated WordPress package that allows people to sign up for blogs without me having to set them up while the MLM Blog Network is Typepad driven and I have to set up each blogger by hand. I don’t mind doing it, especially for great bloggers, but now we have a way to make sure we get great bloggers at the MLM Blog Network….they sign up for MLMVox and blog.

Time and time again, we have proven that consistent blogging is a great way to land yourself in the Google top ten for your MLM company’s search.

Here are some updated MLM Blog Network sites:

4Life Research



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