Just saw this on Vemma CEO, B.K. Boreyko’s Facebook page:

Hello Vemma faithful –
Just wanted to clear up a couple of phone calls I’ve received about moving to other companies. Although I know there’s panic out there, I want you to hear it from me…hang tight. We have a hearing scheduled for September 3rd. I think we’ll win. Until then, I know you want to do the best for your teams and that’s a sign of great leadership. I will and have always complied with the court’s order in this matter. I’m the kind of guy that would never violate the terms of that order. If you hear anything different, tell them you talked to me and I said buckle up because there’s great things ahead for Vemma!

I said it before but I will say it again here.  Vemma has strong leadership and great products.  If I were involved with Vemma, I would wait (at least) until the hearing before making a big decision about the future.