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Vemma Wins and Loses FTC Court Battle

Vemma Will Re-Open On September 21st

There are reports out there (AZ Central) that suggest that Vemma is shut down and will not be able to do business in the future, but I believe those reports are incorrect.

It looks like Vemma will be able to re-open it’s doors, but the company and associates must follow a set of limitations placed on them by the court.

Here is a copy of the FTC legal document.

This is a fluid situation and we will update this post as things get clearer.

There is a very simple solution to all of this that I believe many companies will adopt in the near future.

Everyone who joins a Network Marketing company will first join as a customer and then will become affiliates/associates based on their behavior (product sales and sponsoring activity).

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  1. Companies need to have a different model for getting customers. Customers shouldn't have to "pay" to be a customer. Maybe they should check out why I chose the company I did. We are protected from this FTC nonsense.

  2. It's definitely all about the customer approach. There are a few companies out there doing some really great things in this area — attracting real customers while creating great entrepreneurial opportunities. As an attorney of 13 years, I agree with you, Ty — no company is "protected"! We can just learn from what has happened and put ourselves in the best position possible to sell great products at good prices to people who want them!


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