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Vemma Top Earners Tom and Brad Alkazin Move To Xango


It looks like Tom and Bethany Alkazin and Brad Alkazin are leaving Vemma and heading to Xango.


Xango has been relatively quiet for a number of years after launching into the Network Marketing industry with a bang in 2002. In my opinion, Xango single handedly changed the way Network Marketing companies brand themselves and led the way in the liquid nutritional/juice category.

Here is a conference call with Cesar Lopez and Brad Alkazin.

I listened to the call and found one thing Brad Alkazin to be very interesting.

Brad, who I believe is under age 30 suggested that the team stay off “social media”, saying that his dad, Tom Alkazin never used social media to build his business.


I’m sure the Alkazin’s will be very successful at Xango.  I took a hard look at Xango in 2011 after the company I built to a six figures in income shut their doors.  I like the products and leadership and love the branding but felt like the compensation plan was not up to speed with other plans.  In other words, in my opinion (at least in 2011), you had to do a lot more volume in Xango to get paid the same amount of money in other companies. If the compensation plan at Xango was even with other companies, there is a good chance I would have joined.

I do wish everyone the best of luck in transitioning.

– Ty Tribble
Founder, MLMBlog

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  1. This is a really interesting move on their part. I'm sure they had wonderful reasons. It surprises me, though — I would have thought they would have chosen a company with a more customer-driven approach. There are a few out there doing great things.


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