Vemma seems to be in a little bit of hot water with a website called

“MADISON, CT — (Marketwired) — 08/01/13 — An article posted today by (TINA) raises questions about Vemma Nutrition’s marketing claims regarding its relationship with the National Basketball Association and the Phoenix Suns.

The TINA article notes that Vemma CEO B.K. Boreyko says in a recent video that the NBA signed off on Vemma’s business model after investigating the company’s structure and that it determined “these guys are great.”

TINA contacted the NBA to confirm, and an official stated that the league has no partnership with Vemma and has never investigated the company’s structure. Further, the Phoenix Suns would not comment on whether the team had done such a review, according to a team statement quoted in the TINA article.”

bk-vemmaMy opinion on this is that B.K. may not have articulated the connection between his company, Vemma and the NBA. Not that big of a deal, really and there is a true connection between the NBA and Vemma through the Phoenix Suns sponsorship.

This TruthInAdvertising site goes on to suggest that Vemma is a pyramid scheme, which I 100% disagree with (and so do the laws).

Vemma is a solid company with good products, good leadership and a good plan.