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What To Do When No One Is Reading Your Blog


Recently, I was looking through Archive.org’s copy of a blog I used to write called Multileveler.  Multileveler was a part of a business blog network called Know More Media.  At the time, I was a paid blogger for Multileveler and BusinessOpportunities.biz  in addition to my blogging at here at MLM blog.

Many days I would write 5-10 blog posts a day across the three blogs.  It was a lot of work, for sure.

As I looked through my first posts at the Multileveler blog, something dawned on me.  Very few people read those first posts.  In fact, I didn’t see any comments on my first five blog posts on the site.

But as I kept blogging and getting better at what I thought people wanted to read, the comments and traffic began to increase.  At one point, all three blogs were in the top 100,000 in terms of Internet traffic for all world wide web sites.

Writers Write and Bloggers Blog

Blogging (like Network Marketing) takes persistence. The more you blog and write, the better you become at blogging and writing.

Today’s blogging world is a little different than when I first got started back in 2003, but the writing part is pretty much the same.  You’ve got to write to get noticed.

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