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What’s your Social Media Marketing Strategy?


Tealeaf has released the results of their 5th annual survey of online consumer behavior conducted by Harris Interactive.

The results are telling:

48% of U.S. online adults say that they are now conducting more online transactions than they did in the past given the current economic climate.

12% of online adults who encountered issues said they shared those experiences via blogs or social networks, twice as many as in 2008.

Further, the survey reveals that these shared experiences are highly influential and should therefore be a real business concern. More than half (54%) of all online adults said social media content has influenced their online transactions, with 82% of those reporting that social media has influenced their choice of vendor.

That’s right…more than half of all online transactions are influenced by social media content.

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  1. Interesting fact about half of all online transactions being influenced by social media. I also hear that social media sites such as facebook are fast becoming the number 1 sites online.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. “Who are you?”

    Ask yourself these questions and let us know why.

    Ø Are you a network marketer that continues to plod along using strictly the methods passed down from your upline and company?

    Ø Are you a network marketer that is looking into the internet for ways to improve growth in your business?

    Ø Are you a network marketer that has purchased several online courses on “how to market your business on the internet,” but you still don’t know where to start?

    Ø Or are you a network marketer that fully believes marketing yourself and your business on the internet is the future of the network marketing? You are fully committed to this process but still would like to see more positive results for yourself and your organization!

    Which one would you say is you and why do you feel this way?


    joey b

    Top Biz Trainers, Inc

    Truly duplicating success on the internet!

    P.S. Life is good and getting better every day! Make a difference in someone else’s financial situation.

  3. Facebook has been an exciting and highly profitable marketing focus for our personal business. After months of frustrating hours spent “working” fb, (with NO results) we realized that being a “solutions provider” could produce powerful sales opportunities because our many friends actually needed what we could offer! We’re fortunate, because we can market a weight loss system with proven results.

    But… what we found to be our real silver bullet was my own visable and believable results! Your friends trust YOU, so without making it feel like we were “pitching our deal” all the time, we began to post pictures of my success. Before a week was out we had CUSTOMERS and made $$$! It’s simple, our friends will believe our results long before they will believe any slick video and social media is perfect for developing stronger relationships, while you help your friends get great results from your products! Here’s the key…the products we promote this way MUST produce results because negative reviews can and will be posted just as easily as glowing reviews! May your volume soar!


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