I have the pleasure of being the new author of Multileveler, a blog about Network Marketing from Know More Media.

Multileveler is going to be a cross between the MLM Blog (you are here) and the MLM Business Opportunities Blog that I write for Dane Carlson. Both the MLM Blog and the MLM Opportunities Blog have seen record unique visitors over the last week.

MLM Blog Unique Visitors last week: over 2700

MLM Business Opportuntities Unique Visitors last week: over 11,000

There is no place in my mind that I could have imagined having almost 14,000 people read what I have to say in a week.

I am humbled…but I have more to say.

I think you are going to like Multileveler. It will have it’s own unique flavor. So, stop in, say hi, and leave a comment.

If you have any story ideas for Multileveler, send me an email: ty (at) multileveler (dot) com.