Update: Better Business Bureau Calls iJango a Pyramid Scheme

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

IJango Scam Jenga Yesterday Ty blogged about the so-called iJango scam and how it was similar to AGLOCO. As a former Director of Sales at one of the top MLM Leads companies in the industry I’ve spoken to thousands and thousands of Network Marketing and MLM Professionals and I can still remember the hype and lies surrounding AGLOCO. And then the eventual collapse…

I just hope people aren’t duped into this latest get-rich-quick-scheme called iJango from Steve Smith. With the state of the economy these days the $150 it takes to get started could buy a lot of food and essentials.

The iJango scam is a lot like a game of Jenga – it’s fun and exciting to begin with but it’s not over until the pieces fall down. iJango!

Read the TechCrunch article here that discusses AGLOCO…

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