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Who will win the iJango Scam ?


Update: Better Business Bureau Calls iJango a Pyramid Scheme

By Dan Mitchell, MLM Blog Correspondent

Yesterday Ty blogged about the so-called iJango scam and how it was similar to AGLOCO. As a former Director of Sales at one of the top MLM Leads companies in the industry I’ve spoken to thousands and thousands of Network Marketing and MLM Professionals and I can still remember the hype and lies surrounding AGLOCO. And then the eventual collapse…

I just hope people aren’t duped into this latest get-rich-quick-scheme called iJango from Steve Smith. With the state of the economy these days the $150 it takes to get started could buy a lot of food and essentials.

The iJango scam is a lot like a game of Jenga – it’s fun and exciting to begin with but it’s not over until the pieces fall down. iJango!

Read the TechCrunch article here that discusses AGLOCO…

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  1. For the first comment: How can you be broke? It has not launched yet until August 1.

    Secondly, regarding not being able to "back out"…that's pretty vague….obvioiusly you haven't read the cancellation policy in the Terms & Conditions available to the public which details it out.

    Regarding Nexcel VOIP, UCT…none of these ventures are gone or are going away. Nothing flipped over to anything. They all work together, they are all legitimate products.

    The only hype and lies given are in the above comments by ignorant and not self-educated trouble-makers.

  2. With the state of the economy these days the $150 it takes to get started could buy a lot of food and essentials.
    For one thing, if $150.00 is going to break the bank, You must really be in the wrong business! 2nd, there is a form and a fax number to cancel your iJango business. I forget that this is a MLM blog, sorry you guys that are losing huge downlines over iJango, maybe that's why there is so much crap being said here.

  3. they are desperate for down-liners, the August 1st launch date is just around the corner and nobody is signing….
    Lol, now that comment really builds credibility for you!
    That's why there was 600 people at the iJango meeting in Dallas last monday night! 95% joined! Lol..

  4. a director which costs "back office fees" of $19 per month. If you review the fine print…….O my goodness, a $19.00 a month overhead! Well that's not right! I guess I can't buy popcorn and a drink for my date when I go to the movies…boo hooo 🙁

  5. This is truly hilarious! IJANGO is the greatest pot shot at scamming people out of money since, umm, about 1000 other ones! If you spend a dime on this, you are a fool…F O O L…Run!

  6. I can't remember the last time I encountered such rabid and rampant stupidity!

    You iJango people are either to naive to live or you know that you are perpetrating a fraud and simply don't care.

    Disagree? Fine! Prove it! Answer this question. How much would you make if someone spent $1000.00 on a camera through your iJango site?… and your answer must be in US Dollars!

    Don't even think about answering in "percent of the profit" or "more than you'd make without iJango"… Lets have some real numbers and some proof to back it up.

    So far, I've heard nothing but hype and lies from the iJango crowd. It would be refreshing to hear something real.

    Any Takers?

  7. I have a great idea.

    After reading all of the comments online (good and bad), I decided to "jump in". I blow $150.00 easily on the weekends screwing around so my risk tolerance will allow for $150.00 bucks(I think I can even handle the 19.95/mo).

    If you guys are right about the iJango opportunity being a scam, just another shopping portal, ect…, I'll be glad to update you and let you know that I've lost $150.00.

    Here's my question; What if you're wrong? What if it works? What if this turns out to be the best thing since sliced bread?

    I'm weighing my options….I ignor your warnings, it fails, I've lost a few hundread bucks/ I heed your warnings, it succeeds and I've lost an opportunity that rarely comes around in ones lifetime. How do you account for that concern?

  8. I agree. Its worth the very little risk. I signed up and am rolling the dice. I spend more than that on the lottery anyway. Maybe this will be my lottery. If not, I saved money in the long run. If it turns out to be the real deal, I will laugh all the way to the bank. You have to admit that the idea is great. All of you that are completely happy with your financial status, congrats. I want to improve mine. http://www.ijango.biz/ej Feel free to join me.

  9. Hello;

    I was a top money earner in Excel and nothing is said about Steve Smith’s reputation……and this is not a Ponzi scheme. Yahoo is free, Google is free, Facebook is free. And the founders of these sites made BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars. They offer Google adsense, affiliate programs, etc. All iJango did was to condense these things on to one webpage and connect it for profits.

    Last Quarter, Google made 5 BILLION dollars in profit from their FREE site and paid out over 2 BILLION to affiliates (like iJango and individuals….)

    A true pyramid is when there is no product or service. iJango pays you commissions when you recruit reps who then get 3 customer points. Just because you are getting a home page for free does NOT mean it does not generate web traffic, or revenue. Almost 1000 Fortune 500 companies have signed contracts with iJango, to include Google, MSN (Microsoft), Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Target, Fandango, Sears, Bing, Ebay, Amazon.com. The money is generated for reps just like the money is generated on the other free sites like Yahoo, AOL, etc. By web traffic. Yes, they are giving away the home page, but companies pay dollars to have dedicated customers, web traffic, etc through this “portal.”

    The reason the people who are big business builders (Like Barbara Lammons) are telling people NOT to worry about customers right now is becasue we are in PRE-LAUNCH and you cant get customers until August 1. They are offering Quick Start promotions based on reps only right now. Every Network Marketing company in history has had a Pre-Launch phase offering quick promotions to build the leaders and the base.

    People don’t understand this because NO company has ever done something this simple and lucrative before.

    The true man behind this is Steve Smith, a personal friend of mine, and an incredibly successful company builder who is above reproach.

    I invested my $150 and am signing up reps like crazy. Once Aug 1 gets here, I will get my 20 customers and my reps will do the same. When the web traffic goes in to action and these Fortune 500 companies pay, we get paid. Just because something is simple and NOT difficult, does not make it a pyramid scheme. In the future, iJango plans on adding contracts for wireless internet, mobile applications, etc. This is no joke.

    If this were a scam, no self respecting companies like the ones iJango has contracts would be involved.

    PS I already promoted to the first level and am almost to the second..I made my money back in the first 4 days……..and have taught my reps to do the same.

  10. Well Dion I'll have to say that your argument is the ONLY one I've heard that makes any sense at all.

    If you're willing to flush a few hundred down the toilet on the slim chance that that you're gonna get rich, go for it! However, your chances are better if you bury a hundred dollar bill in the yard and hope a money tree starts to grow.

    Actually if you'd take that money to Vegas your odds of making some money are astronomically higher than iJango…

    All that said, Best of Luck to ya!

  11. It's interesting to read what Robert Kiyosoki says about Multi Level Marketing and then contrast that with some of the business experts that blog on the anti mlm pages. It's also interesting to contrast the opinions that I got from a wealthy businessman concerning iJango and the opinions from some of those same experts. It's all in who you talk to! Be careful who you get your advice from!

  12. Google, Yahoo and Bing are about as "on board" with iJango as they are with this site.

    IJango has NO REVENUE outside or recruiting. That is a pyramid scheme.

    Smoke, Mirrors, Hype and Lies.

  13. I've read enough thru 7/22 and agree with the majority. However, beating a dead horse gets us nowhere! Best post so far goes to Bryant Jones, July 11, ending WTF. Watch your language Bryant, other than that, if anyone finds a "trustworthy" leader, let me know. Then I'll spend time perusing all the posts, and maybe part with some disposable income!

  14. Michelle,

    I have to ask, how do you know all of these companies are "on board"? Have you seen contracts? Do you know people that work for Google, Twitter, Bing, etc… that have given you this information?

    OR, did someone tell you this at a meeting or webinar/conference call, etc…?

    I strongly suspect that you've been lied to but I do want to know what your source is for this info.

  15. Mike,

    I have to ask, how do you know all of these comapnies are not "on board"? Have you seen announcements by any executives of Google, Twitter, Bing, ect… that have disputed this information? Surely by now, with all of the free publicity that's all over the web, someone would have alerted them.

    Or, did somone tell you this in a blog?

    I stongly suspect that you've been lied to but I do want to know what your source is for your information.

  16. Hi again Michelle,

    For the record, it is you that have made the claim that all these high octane companies are on board. I ask for the smallest form of proof and, true to form, you responded defensively and made a sad effort to change the subject.

    I think it's vitally important for the public to know what exactly would make multiple fortune 500 CEO's jump into a deal with a convicted and confessed con man.

    Surly you can understand why people of reasonable intelligence would ask that question just in due diligence.

    So, I'll respectfully ask once again.

    What is the source for your information? If it checks out, I'm In!

  17. Oh, one more thing Michelle, publicly traded companies, (such as those whose names you've dropped), do not make announcements regarding things they are not doing.

    They do however make such announcements, (particularly to their stock holders), when they enter into a deal as big as iJango.

    Oddly, I've heard nothing from any of them.

    Have you?

  18. G,

    So Steve Smith had a travel company! And your point is? Steve Smith built Excel Communications to a 1.5 billion dollar company in 6 years back in the 90's. When he saw the iJango opportunity, he shut his company down and went into partnership with Cameron Sharpe. So yea, you're right; He used to be involved in the travel business and now he's gone on record as saying that "iJango will dwarf Excel". If you've built a 1.5 billion dollar company, please share that info because I would be interested in hearing what you have to say. If you haven't your opinion really doesn't matter.

  19. Dion,

    I've never built a Billion dollar company either. However you should know that Steve was also on record saying that Ultimate Choice Travel was going to dwarf Excel.

    Don't get to eaten up by the hype!

  20. Mike,

    I think that this debate will go on for weeks and maybe even years to come. It's hard to belive that after 50+ years, there are still those business experts out there who think Amway is an illegal pyramid! Oh well, what more can we say other than we'll just have to wait and see won't we. So far so good.

  21. If some of you will open up your mind a little bit you can easily see that if this works, people will be making a lot of money. If you can't afford the 150 dollar risk and 20 dollar monthly fee (which pays for an awesome back office website which no one has mentioned) then don't get involved. Lets think big and say that it does blow up, and its the next facebook or google, then your going to still be at your 9-5 job making crap for money. Without any risk there is no reward, think about that. I have personaly seen the quick money that has been made by my father and the man who signed him up. I have seen their tree and you can tell this is growing fast. over 6000 members in 3 weeks! Something is going on here and all I know is that Im going to risk the 150 and run with it! Keep up the blogging though! I thank God that I have an open mind unlike some people in this world.

  22. This is as hilariously entertaining as Saturday Night Live. The Mlm supporters vs the I hate all Mlms.

    If you are afraid of losing $150 dollars? Don't sign up. If you are willing to take a chance? Then put down your night on the town money for a chance to join a company that could possible be successful. Time will prove the truth.

    As far as David Kyle is concerned. He has confirmed that he has a huge problem with any Mlm company. He disbelieves in the marketing concepts and also has a mild form social disorder (ausbergers syndrome). He is sincere in what he believes and seems to be a nice man, however, he is definetly pre judging Mr. Sharpe. Speaking of that isnt there something about judge not lest ye be judged. Keep up the comedy show. Conan and letterman stink anyway.

  23. Well, I can't say for certain that Michelle is or is not the same Michelle.

    I can say that my challenge for sources and some, (any), form of proof of the iJango claims still remains unanswered!

    Just more hype and rhetoric.

    Still looking forward to something verifiable.

  24. as a Web Developer who is intimately aware of web service API's (ie, google, yahoo, twitter, facebook, myspace all have interfaces that ijango is using)

    And also someone who has built backends and been CEO of a multi level marketing company and done alot of research about legal and illegal pieces and parts of said plans.

    I can tell you this.

    Signup with these api's are automated. These api's allow you to use the services of said web service provider.

    However, there are terms and conditions involved in the signup process. Every single t&c has a section about illegal activity, or activity that reflects badly on the provider. in the instance that these providers are made aware
    that illegal/illicit/or shady applications/websites are using their api's. They will shut off access to their web services. (especially Google, Google is quite risk averse in that sort of thing, especially when multiple people complain (hint hint)

    So for those who have already have laid down money I have bad news.

    This is a recruiting scam.

    Is it mostly legit? YES.
    Will it make you money? YES.
    When it's all said and done will you make money off your customers?
    YES…but only nickles and dimes on average.
    For every 30-40 customers you have attached to your rep id…You'll probably make about $10-$30 a year.

    I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the real money will be made recruiting and not selling.

    The problem is…this violates rules setup by the FTC and goes against case law. This alone will be sufficient for the big api providers to pull their plugs. Considering that the providers are providing this API FREE OF CHARGE…it won't hurt them any….and ijango will end up becoming purely a netvibes/pageflakes/igoogle property.
    if it even survives once providers start pulling plugs and banning IP addresses.

    So what if this doesn't happen?

    Simple numbers then work against this comp plan.

    to support your $20 per month (in many peoples opinion, this is actually what killed excel)

    you will have to recruit 1 distributor per month …ie get them to spend $150 up front and $20 a month.

    that is until the money stops flowing up top and they start making the $150 one time fee an annual fee. and start implementing their training fees (this plan by the way is exactly like excel's plan was back in the day..makes you wonder if they are investing any money in their backend or just relabeling excel's old compensation programming code base)

  25. Hi, I am considering joining iJango. Quite honestly after doing some research I am a little reluctant to invest my money. I read two valid points. One is, "what if it works?" the other one is "how do we know if it's true Google, Yahoo and Bing are on board?" Does anyone feel like there might be a slight chance iJango will be successful? I think it the product is unprecedented. There is nothing like iJango out there. The closest thing I have seen is Safari. But here in ONE window I can do what I do in like 10 tabs.

  26. if by "on board" you mean they are using the respective api's for the data providers then yes. if by "on board" you mean that said providers are actual partners…then no. they are not.

    if ijango people are saying that they are partners, they are then violating the API terms of most providers…because most providers have a clause in their api that says….in different ways… you may not misrepresent the relationship between data user and data provider.

    ijango is a datauser
    bing, yahoo, google, cj, etc, are data providers.

  27. I understand that Cameron is in recovery from his addiction problems, and has been for over 3 years. I too am in recovery. My past is not without blemish and I have also had to make many changes to heal myself from those things that kept me in the prison of self. If this guy is to continue to stay clean and sober, I hope to God that he is wanting to help others. Look at all those that say that the Holocost never happened. Look at all the lies we are now paying for in our culture. I too have been doing some due diligence to see if this thing is for real. I don't have all of that done. What does appear suspect is the lack of candor about the contracts with all of the fortune 500's and 1000's. It would help clear up a great deal of doubt if there was evidence presented by Cameron and Steve to those they are presenting this opportunity to. Hype in and of itself is suspect. Getting rich quickly is suspect. Right there, there are 2 strikes and the third will be if you invest for those reasons. Strike 3. Hype is a way to escape. dWhen I have avoided doing the hard work and pretending that all will be well without a lot of effort is where I deceive myself. Getting rich quickly is a killer. I have been there and done that. Missed out on the character building "maturing" process.

    We all have to check our motives and if it doesn't smell right or feel right, it most likely is not right for you. There are a lot of us that do things out of fear that if we don't have those material things in our lives, we have somehow failed at life. Look around at all of those that spent their lives having to have that. I see a great deal of misery. The choice is always mine and if I choose to do something for the right reasons I always win. Good luck to all of you who believe this to be right for you. I have to keep the stone I want to throw in my pocket. Check your motives.

  28. It is simple…time will tell.All you guys have way too much time on your hands… with all the back and forth. LOL
    For all those that have invested those "big Bucks" ($149.00… can't even go to dinner and have a good bottle of wine on that) best of luck…Really! To all the bashers. Are you really so concerned about your neighbor? Go do some volunteer work at your local food bank. Your time is much more valued there. lets' see what happens!!!!

  29. Who said you cannot cancel once you joined in. I been reading all the post, I asked one of my friend to join and cancel it by faxing to them. She got cancelled right away. If you are too scare that you will loose $150.00 then don't join in. However, why not do like me; talked to as many as people as you can and asked them to be your customers first(now I got close to 200 people)if it is a scam like everyone said then you are the only one who will loose money. But if it works then I'm pretty sure most of them will join me. The point is, be honest to whoever you talked to and tell them about the rist and reward. Then they will support you…

  30. Mike,

    Yes, I am concerned about my neighbors but I'll admit that I have a self centered interest as well.

    These kinds of "businesses" just reinforce the bad stigma that this industry already carries and makes my job that much more difficult.

    Hype, lies and misrepresentations are no way to run a business! It is, however, the trademark of a scam in progress.

    Where are the numbers? Outside of recruiting there are, as yet, no numbers to be found in this thing.

    If there is money to be made there have to be some real numbers somewhere!

    No real numbers, no real business.

    As for that $149.00 dinner you use as an example, at least you get something for your money at the restaurant and you know what that something is going to be.

    If I sat down in a restaurant and was presented with a blank menu and wine list and was told I'd have pay first and take whatever they brought me …. I'm outta there!

    That is exactly what's going on with iJango!

    "Give us your $150.00 and $20.00/mth and don't worry about what you're getting for your money. We're gonna take care of you".

    If you presented iJango that way, you'd get laughed out of the building. But strip away the hype and that's exactly what iJango is selling. A blank menu!

    Speaking for myself here, I think my time spent debunking this thing is time very well spent! I accomplish three things at the same time.

    1. Demonstrate that ethical business practices are not only the right thing to do but the profitable thing to do!

    2. Do my part to lessen the stigma carried by the network marketing industry. (Making all our jobs easier)

    3. Helping my neighbors, (where ever they may live), avoid being taken in by scams and con men.

    I wish you well in your endeavor.

    Best to all!

  31. What is really amusing to me is the Google adwords ads on a search for iJango on Google on July 29th which is prior to launch.

    I Gave Up iJango

    iJango Failure rate 97%

    Stop Struggling in IJango

    Ijango 1% Secret…

    The truth is the people who are going to make money with iJango are those advertisers who already predict it's failure.

  32. People who think they are only investing 150 are pretty darn gullible. That is why they gave it a low initial investment cost, so that you can think if it fails, you're only out 150 bucks. You can feel superior and say "Well if you can't afford 150 bucks blah blah blah" But that is only the first thing you fell for, because $150 is only your initial investment.
    The bottom line is, critics of Ijango and Cameron are just outraged and baffled that people are being taken advantage of, and are trying to warn you. They didn't just decide to devote their time and energy to judge people. The problemn is, once these facts are presented to you, you begin to realize that you have been taken, and you feel foolish so you get defensive. And you should. The truth hurts.

  33. iJango tells me only one thing: In the pass US was the number one in innovation and US was the center of the universe when it comes to any technology in all fields except SCAMS. Now this iJango proves that US lost its edge in innovation and becoming Number One CON country. Look at the people who are falling for this quickly get rich scam “iJango”. They are all educated but alas, they all have turned out to be crooks.
    A con can con a con only.
    Please do not fall for this scam or any MLM scams . Lets go back to OLD US days where hardworking was the basic motto, innovation, sacrifice to realize that innovation as product, and become really rich but in a honest way.


  34. I don't feel foolish for signing up. My Ijango group is becoming a monster. The quality of people that are joining is great. I have doctors,attorneys,teachers,marketers I even have a music video producer on my team. If you read the comp plan…It states that the only way to reach higher levels is to get people under you to higher levels. So I put my links at the top of google. Then sit back and sign people up then sign up the next guy under that guy etc etc. You don't have to be greedy. As I sign people up I help build under them. It doesn't hurt to be #1 on google either.

  35. well it's August 1st and I just saw something that says it won't launch officially until the 2nd from Vegas and I can't access anything else about it directly from them wtf?

  36. Well folks, the day has come. The portal is going to be launch in a few hours. Anyone wanna take a bet on what happens?

  37. Everyone keeps talking about this August 1st launch….I am reading all of this on September 25 and you still can’t sign up on that crappy site!

    NOT that I wanted to sign up….just want to see how the site works and surprise surprise…it doesn’t work! You can’t sign up, the more info links are dead links. hahaha! So all the shit talkers (like me) here were right! And the ijango brainwashed idiots were WRONG!

    I am not sure about the terms and conditions….but if anything being sold on the internet…whatever it is, doesn’t have at least a 30 day MBG, then stay away!

    You want to make money fast and easy? Deal drugs

  38. To Chris

    Guess what? Ijango is still standing while you and the rest of the naysayers had egg all over your faces. Despite of the setbacks and immunendos they had faced, this company is going to make it and it will come out like a bed of roses. I don’t think Steve Smith and company wouldn’t shut this down completely hadn’t they spend millions of dollars of his money and counseled with his lawyers before they launched this company.

    BTW Chris, you need to check yourself when comes to grammar. You’re no expert your damn self.

  39. TY,

    Careful of what you’re saying, theyre now in the 50,000 members strong. I will not called it dead in the water anytime soon.

  40. Moose, c’mon man. That’s 50K free members. Before the product launched back in august they had 15K reps. Now there down to 8K reps. Hmmmm 2+2=4 right? Ive lost over half my reps – now down to 400, I did not like Ty’s approach in the beginning but you have to admit, iJango is dead in the water. Our traffic rank went from 2K to 16K nationally, Cam’s out – Rayner runs the show and although the concept is great and novel – the product is below industry standards. One last thing – the only real money you make in iJango is by recruiting – getting .01 to .10 a rep and free members does not sound nor is a lucrative business proposition. Sad part is now their telling us we’re going to start making $1.00 per “Active Member” only if you are an “active member” to make maters even worse – I don’t know of one network marketing company that pays the same in commissions on your lower levels. To make any decent money as a new comer you’ll have to recruit a few 1000 in ur biz in hopes they can all get a few 100 in free members each. then ytou might make around 5K to 8K a month. BUt only if that were true the top earner in that company just recieved their commissions from over 4K reps and God knows how many free customers and only made $400 for the month. Sounds like a Scheme to me. well as of Jan first I’m leaving and i can guarantee a few 100 or maybe 1K will be following. DEAD IN THE WATER….

    Guys regardless of what you can dig on Cam, give the guy a break – he’s a dad – he’s a father – his paid is debt to society – he’s actively in recovery – he works with others in recovery – he has full custody of his children – and he in fact as absolutely no ties with ijango any longer. Call Rayner and ask him when was the last time cam was in Austin or the last time he or any in Austin have spoke with Cam. Go dig up taxes for Cam after this year and look at what he was paid in ijango – 2 months salary and he was out.

    The guy today is honestly working a real job, trying to keep the little shreds of dignity you guys so quickly want to rip away. If you think the model is bad blame Steve Smith – Rayner Smith – and the high school glee club they have working down in Austin as “Tech Support”


  41. The following is from :

    I was watching Tech Now this week and the technology show mentioned a scam that’s getting the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) attention. I never really cared too much about these scams, because I assumed, like Nigerian princes, people were smart enough to avoid them. However, after realizing that a lot of people are getting scammed by MonaVie, I figured I should write about some scams when I come across them. I figure it might save some reader some money someday – and that makes it worthwhile for me. Today’s scam in question… iJango.

    What is iJango

    iJango bills itself as a “Membership Rewards Community.” What does that mean? It means that you sign up to earn rewards and recruit other members. I love earning rewards. I even like recruiting other members for things I believe in. However, there’s a problem with iJango… if you want to earn rewards for recruiting other members it costs $150, PLUS $20 a month. Tech Now showed this information on their broadcast, but I can’t seem to find it on the iJango website. Several links appear to be broken on iJango’s website, so maybe they are having some difficulty on their site today. In fact, the Vicky Nguyen of Tech TV says that iJango admits to often having a broken site as they are constantly upgrading.

    What Tech Now and the BBB say about iJango

    After fielding 3400 inquiries after their August launch, the BBB gave iJango an F rating. While iJango claims to be a Multi-Level Marketing website, the Erin McCool of the Silicon Valley BBB says “they have extreme suspicions about what they are doing.”

    According to McCool, “People have trouble canceling the service” due to the website’s bugs. It’s always a bad sign when you get stuck with a $20/mo. bill that you can’t get out of.

    McCool also said, “We can’t shut them down and it’s a pain staking policy for the government agencies as well.” This is something that has come up in MonaVie discussions a lot. The logic of some distributors is that if they haven’t been shut down, it must be legal. Because of the painstaking process, this is simply not true.

    What Founder Steve Smith says about iJango being a pyramid scheme

    Tech Now caught up with founder Steve Smith and asked him if iJango is a pyramid scheme. His answer was so hiliarious, I’ve transcribed it below:

    SS: It’s a little… it’s a little… it’s a little, different concept because we are bringing customer on who produce revenue for us.
    TechNow: How do they produce revenue? So you have partners with companies that pay you?
    SS: Yeah for what they do on… on… shopping… and… online
    TechNow: Who are those companies? Netflix? I saw you said Netflix… Pricegrabber… are those all companies you have a relationship with?
    SS: Those are all companies that we have a relationship with. It’s probably not even a direct relationship. This development team that we brought on brings us a lot of relationships. So for us it would be a third-party relationship that brings the relationships with these people that help monetize the customers that we bring to the site.

    TechNow: How is this NOT a pyramid scam? Make that easy for me.
    SS: Because we produce revenue from our customers. We get revenue, our customers use their tools and utilities, and we are paid part of that revenue share.

    The BBB goes on to say that the relationships with Google, Pricegrabber, and Rhapsody don’t exist. Here you could take argument with what the BBB is saying. I’m sure iJango has a relationship with these companies through affiliate programs like FlexOffers and Commission Junction. Founder Steve Smith is misrepresenting the relationship when he flashes a Netflix logo during a presentation as if to say, “These big companies are partnering with us, so you have to believe we are the real deal” instead of “No one at Netflix has ever heard of us.”

    What iJango Users have to say

    When asked about how iJango is paying, Paul Bass, iJango user, said:

    They haven’t started paying out yet because of the problems with the servers. Even if I was dupped and even if they got my $149… [laughs]… that’s not a lot of downside risk… and the upside potential…

    That’s exactly the kind of attitude that pyramid scams want to hear. A lot of $149 and $20 a month bills add up quickly for companies… especially when they don’t really provide a product.

    Another user Michelle was interviewed:

    TechNow: Can you give me an idea, Michelle of how much money you’ve made with iJango?
    Michelle: Absolutely not, that’s a private matter.

    I suppose it is a private matter, but if it was signfiicant money, wouldn’t she be shouting it from the rooftops?

    Why iJango is a scam

    By becoming an iJango Community Director, you are basically becoming a salesman for them and their company. You are out there recruiting other people and earning commission on everything that they buy (if they buy anything). You wouldn’t pay your own employer to work for them, so why would you pay iJango?


  42. To whom it may concern.
    Carmon Sharp is not and has not been involved with ijango since
    Sept 2009.

    My wife and I have been involved with ijango for over 9 weeks now and have been GETTING PAID regularly based on our OWN PERSONAL PERFORMANCE.
    I happen to know one of the founders PERSONALTY and I can tell you that it is on no way a SCAM.
    Open up you eyes people….. the date today is may 7th 2010. ijango was launched in August of 2009 and they had a few problems like a lot of new products do….Any one remember….. Windows Vista??????

    just because they had a few issues at start up dose not mean any thing. They are honorable people that are doing something good for people.

    I have FREE members in my business that are GETTING PAID regularly as well.

    A pyramid scam is what Berny Mad-off did… it is also when the guy at the top makes all the money and the others that work for him make little compared to the top guy, and I might add with no chance of ever making what the top guys make….. sound like anything you heard of????? Welcome to corporate America!!!!!

    ijango is good for everyone involved! We are excited to be part of the ijango community!!

  43. Kirk Martin, from which Ijango do you work for? from reading your statement I feel like we are joining different net work. I believe I am one of the many people who join Ijango last year. I have around 100 people and only got paid $.97 the whole month(what a joke!!!) and that is because they said I got special bonus.

    The only thing they made money is from their conferences and seminars.

    It’s a scam!!!!


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