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Why More Businesses Are Embracing Video Meetings


There are many situations where a live video conference is a lot more effective than a phone call. In some cases, it is the only option, as face-to-face meetings may be impossible within the required time frame, and phone calls may not do justice to the issue at hand. It is surprising, therefore, that many businesses are yet to embrace video conferencing solutions. In breaking news recently, YouTube has swallowed Hang outs on air, rendering many businesses searching for a different solution. While many found the software limited and unfriendly to the users, it still have a huge market share. Modern Video conferencing tools like ClickMeeting do what Hang Outs does, but to the extreme, meaning, more features, more advanced technology and inviting user interface. Let’s take a look an in-depth look at the reasons businesses are embracing ClickMeeting.

Reduction in cost of travels

When it comes to increased productivity, the importance of being able to communicate with all branches of a business cannot be overemphasised. With the high definition virtual face to face communication provided by video conferencing technologies, companies can achieve more without spending excessively on personnel travel. For some businesses, avoiding the cost of sending one or two members of staff to a meeting abroad can offset the entire cost of a video conferencing system, especially when the total cost of transportation, accommodation, meals and lost man hours is computed.

Increased collaboration between customers and teams

Many companies have satellite offices around the globe. These offices may rely on phone and email communications, thereby leaving room for misunderstandings due to a lack of richness in the communication channels. With the implementation of video meetings, participants will be able to stay focused and fully understand what is being discussed. This increase in collaboration will help ensure that projects are completed faster, and generally increase productivity.

Advantage over the competition

When teams are able to communicate with one another through video, they will be able to share knowledge faster and stay informed better. This will lead to a reduction in the amount of time that is needed to bring a new product to market, or work out a solution. In the same vein, support departments can use video meetings to interact more personally with customers, thereby increasing loyalty. This type of personal communication is not as good in telephone communications. Quality verifications, adjustments and accuracy checks for new manufactures can be achieved in less than an hour using video conferencing. This will give you a week or more head start on the competition that will need some back and forth shipping to complete a review.

Reinforcement of relationships

With a video meeting, it is easy to gauge the expressions and body language of participants. These are two important elements of communication that are non-existent in email and conversations telephone calls. Being able to read these important bits of information will lead to improved collaboration. With video meetings, CEOs can hold meetings with employees across the globe. A manufacturer in China will be able to display prototypes live and in High Definition to board room members in the West. Such subtle changes in relationships can make a huge difference to the bottom line of any business. All of this can be achieved without any one having to leave the comfort of their offices.

These are some of the ways every business can benefit from video conferencing.

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