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Xango – First To Market Category Creator: A Ty Tribble Riff On Innovation


An MLM Blog commenter recently wrote the following: "Xango was first to market with mangosteen."

Wow. Neat. Swell. Gee Whiz. Ouuuu. Ahhhh. Happy Day and All That Jazz.

Seriously, do they want a medal?  I actually credit Xango with changing the way Network Marketing companies are branded.  To me, they were first to market with real branding. That was big.  But today, Xango associates and the company are still hanging their hat on this "first to market" gibberish as the main selling point for the product and business.

Well guess what?  McDonald's was not first to market with hamburgers. 

Why is McDonald's number one today? 

One word: Innovation.  The problem with Xango is that after their initial launch, they haven't innovated.  They continue to point to the past.

I suppose it's easy to get lazy when you get big. Think Microsoft.  When was the last time you heard about something innovative from Microsoft? Outside of the XBOX (where the innovation really came from Bungie, creators of HALO), I can't think of one thing in the last 10 years.

That's why I love what we are doing at EIRO Research.  "Research" is actually part of the name.

EIRO innovated with the first all natural whole food liquid antioxidant that is not just one fruit and it is not filled with freeze dried or extracted ingredients plus no preservatives.  The EIRO liquid antioxidant is now undergoing double blind human clinical trials. It's meaningful concentrations of 5 super fruits based on research, not 19 freeze dried and extracted fruits tossed in a wine bottle. But EIRO is not hanging their hat on one product, no matter how good it is.

In March, EIRO launched a healthy alternative to Energy Drinks…you will see this concept copied very soon!  EIRO Energy is all natural with nothing artificial or synthetic and again, no preservatives.

EIRO will once again innovate in October. (Nope, not telling what is coming… big brother at that company who begins with M and ends in Vie is watching).

And here is the kicker.  EIRO is not only innovating in the product arena, but we are also on the cutting edge of technology.  The Internet doesn't scare us. We Twitter and we Facebook.  We have an incredible online marketing system and we will soon offer associates the very first social media blogging system designed for Network Marketers.

Last Word: MLM Blog author, Ty Tribble is a founding partner at EIRO Research.  Of course he is biased, but that doesn't make him wrong. You have the ability to think for yourself and do your own research. Actually, the last word is yours. Comments are open.


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