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Xango Mexico Leadership Fiesta!


Things are heating up for Xango in Mexico! This just in from the Xangosphere.

Up-and-coming leaders were next welcomed up front where they kindly shared their wisdom and XANGO experiences with the rest of us. Following a few words of my own, XANGO Chairman Aaron Garrity took the stage and masterfully presented his tailor-made message for our Mexican leaders. Aaron closed his message and received—that’s right—another standing ovation.

After a Distributor testimonial from 20Ks Sergio Estrada & Alma Bustos, Chief Marketing Officer Larry Macfarlane took the stage to tackle the topic of presenting the XANGO story to new prospects. Walking the tightrope between corporate theory and Distributor application, Larry worked his magic and delivered a speech that 500K Select Estela Salinas would later rave about, saying that it was just what the leaders needed to hear. XANGO 100K Select Jorge Arzamendi closed the session with his story, edifying Estela and XANGO along the way, and inspiring all to achieve more with XANGO.

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