Monavie is being sued by MLM company Xowii for allegedly making "deceptive statements" about the Xowii company and products.  

I will update this post with more soon, meanwhile, here is a link to the lawsuit.

Here is some commentary from the MLM Watch Dog:

This one may wreck Monavie because of the California Business and Professional law. The case quotes Monavies policy they issued "that distributors should be able to come and go as they please (which I liked)." Then they violated that policy and even brought suit against the people who chose to GO!

Your editor is NOT A Lawyer but hangs out with some good MLM lawyers who reviewed the case and said, "wow bet Monavie won’t try to go public this year!"

The California Business and Professional law is different than what any other state has. Read through this case it is definitely a door slammer for Xowii!