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Yoli Terminates Triple Diamond, Carlos Aponte Jr.


There is a very interesting back and forth at That MLM Beat about a Yoli termination.  One of the comments that I found to be very interesting is that Carlos Aponte Jr. who was a Yoli Triple Diamond until terminated suggested that his income (at Triple Diamond) was barely covering his two BMW payments. (A suggestion somewhat disputed by Len Clements).

The comments section blows up into various topics including: Internet trolls, anti-MLM scam.com zealots and Yoli blast caps injuring children.  Wild stuff.

Here are some clips:

Len Clements:

"Carlos was a "Triple Diamond" in Yoli because he was given a maxed power leg…"

Carlos Aponte Jr.:

"I was one of the main guys responsible for maxing out our powerleg. I still have (unless I was terminated for no reason) one of the biggest paylegs in the company and I built it with no handouts. I also have people hundreds of levels under me that hit Triple Diamond. Everyone knows i’m a real honest builder and great trainer in our profession."


"We are in business to make money and provide for our families.
When my Yoli check was barely covering my two bimmer payments it was time for me to go and I’m part of the top 5% of income earners."


"There’s also a lot more to the Carlos Apante story…He’s also been terminated and not only is a civil case being brought against him there may likely even be criminal charges as well."


"There are a lot of things going on here that have not been made public. Obviously a top distributor doesn’t get suspended or terminated because he posts a friendly goodby video. The real reasons Carlos is in trouble with Yoli have to do with things HE brought to the attention of someone who he absolutely should NOT have disclosed anything to. That person then forwarded the same information to several others. I was one of them.

Carlos needs to lay low for awhile. Its got to be tough for him to not respond if we all keep talking about him. Let’s let him and Yoli work this out. Privately."

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  1. Carlos was thrown under the bus because of Yoli’s failure. In the end you’ll see he is luckier then most that will stick around until the ship sinks.


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