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YouDazzle: Silicon Valley and Facebook Money Finally Waking Up To Network Marketing?


There is a new Network Marketing start up based in Silicon Valley that is about to make some serious waves in the online meeting and file sharing business.

YouDazzle opened it’s doors in April, but the company is about to make a big splash with a major update on June 27th.

Ownership & Funding

YouDazzle was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Cary Cole.

Cary’s first company, CompuRAD went public in 1997 and then within a year was sold to leading Silicon Valley company,  Lumisys.  Lumisys was later aquired by Kodak.

Cary went on to develop Broncus Technologies and as CEO raised over $100 million in capital.  Brocus’ asthema product called  Asthmatx was sold in 2010 for hundreds of millions of dollars to Boston Scientific Corporation.

Now Cary is excited about Network Marketing:

“I’m really excited about YouDazzle. We’ve built a world-class team and cloud technology that benefits tens of millions of businesses and people. And now we’re combining it with the power of network marketing.”

YouDazzle also recently announced funding from noted former Facebook Vice President of User Growth, Mobile and International Expansion, Chamath Palihapitiy, the founder of The Social+Capital Partnership.

Chamath is known as overseeing the Facebook platform and launching Facebook’s online advertising channel. Previously, Chamath spent five years with AOL, most recently as the Vice President and General Manager of AIM and ICQ, where he oversaw two of the most popular instant messaging businesses on the Internet.

The Product

For starters, PC Magazine recently called YouDazzle one of the Top 25 Small Business Apps of 2012.

To put it simple, YouDazzle is a browser based (no downloads!) web meeting and file sharing platform that promises to be “the best online meeting platform in the world”.


  • Share and organize information effortlessly (web links, videos, pdf files, docs, and more).
  • Intant Web Meetings, anytime, anywhere. Desktop, Laptap, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.  YouDazzle is the only way to share files live from phones and tablets.
  • Desktop Sharing: Make presentation more interactive and convert more leads by viewing your website and other sales materials in real-time with your potential business partners and customers.
  • Web Cam and Video Presentations
  • One Click Recording of Presentations
  • Cloud Based Data Rooms: Store any file, any size for easy access from anywhere.
  • Analytics: See who watched your videos, viewed your documents and checked out your compensation plan.  No more guessing whether or not your prospect watched your video or not.
  • Custom Branding: You can use YouDazzle’s brand or insert your own team name or company branding.
  • Conference Call Line with unlimited number of lines.
  • Chat Feature: Your viewers can ask you questions during your presentations.
  • Secure Data Encryption: You can share your content with confidence knowing that your data is always transferred with 256-bit encryption and redundant storage with real-time backup.

All of these features are available for $39 per month.

And here is the big kicker:

You can have up to 5,000 people in a room!


The company is offering a Network Marketing compensation plan and an affiliate marketing plan aimed at bloggers and Internet Marketers.

The Network Marketing plan will have a 60% payout which can be accomplished due to the nature of the product.


I see YouDazzle as a “Send Out Cards” type of company that will attract a huge following with current Network Marketers who are looking for an inexpensive way to do more business from home.

The product compares favorably to GoToWebinar which costs $499 per month for up to 1,000 people in a room.


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