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Yuna Yang Insists on Noni


Yuna Yang, a New York-based fashion designer, recently presented her 2011 Spring/Summer collection in a private event, and Tahitian Noni Bioactives played a big role in Ms. Yang’s special night. Taken by our sleek design and healthy products, Yang insisted TNI be an exclusive sponsor of her unveiling.

Yuna’s elegant collection is shaped by the era of the 1960s housewife. She describes it as “traditionally feminine” and “luxurious.” Critics called the collection “Sophisticated and elegant, yet by no means overdone.”

To match the glamour of her collection, Yuna chose the newly designed Tahitian Noni® Family bottles in grape and mango passionfruit. Although the bottles have a beautiful and sleek purple and orange design, what’s inside is even more important.

Source: Go Noni

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