There is no question that Zeek Rewards has had a pretty good run, but I suspect that the run is about to slow way down.

When companies grow wildly as a result of crazy income and product claims to the point where it finds it necessary to hire multiple attorneys…watch out!

Bringing in multiple compliance attorneys In an effort to reign in the illegal claims that make the company look like a classic Ponzi Scheme, you can pretty much bet that the growth will begin to slow.

Remember MonaVie?  In 2007, we blew the whistle on illegal claims being made by MonaVie reps, especially on YouTube.

Even into 2008, I believed it was part of the companies culture to make crazy claims about the MonaVie product.

As time went on, MonaVie began reigned in these claims and coincidentally, the growth slowed in the U.S. shortly thereafter.

As Zeek rewards works to get a handle on these crazy claims, watch the traffic on the Zeek Rewards site tumble.

If Zeek was a stock, I would call my broker to “short” it, meaning I would bet at this point that the company has reached it’s pinnacle and will begin to decline.

I will say that the simple act of hiring compliance attorneys in an effort to clean up the illegal stuff tells me that the owners of Zeek Rewards are not out to scam people and take the money and run.

Having said that, I wouldn’t look to this company as a long term way to impact my family’s future.