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Zeek Rewards Re-opening In Europe?


I saw a report over at our friend, Troy Dooley’s MLM Help Desk that Zeek Rewards may be re-opening in Europe.

Well, if you are a current Zeek member and this provides you with some hope, it really shouldn’t.

Europe is actually tougher on Network Marketing companies than the U.S.

Even Amway ran into some serious trouble there not long ago.

Amway has since been cleared but I have heard a number of Network Marketing company owners talk about staying out of Europe until the climate changes (not the weather climate, but the attitude towards Network Marketing).

Even if Zeek does figure out how to re-open in another country, you really need to know a couple of things, based on covering MLM/Network Marketing on this blog for nearly 9 years.

  • If it seems too good to be true (money for nothing), it is not only too good to be true, it’s probably illegal.
  • Companies that go through stuff like this never come back.

I don’t like absolutes, so I’ll add this about the last bullet point…

Zeek’s reputation is gone.

Zeek’s CEO/President is gone.

If you want to impact your family and build residual income, find a stable company and work your butt off.

That is the secret.

Ty Tribble
MLMBlog Founder

Author of Double Your Income with Network Marketing 









  1. Thanks for writing this post.

    It would be also wise to know that any attempt it's a new Zeek opening in Europe or other place in the world is not the same old Zeek. It would probably be someone’s attempt to get easy money from people who still believe in Zeek. Stay safe and don’t trust anything that’s says were the Zeek and you can earn good income with us.

  2. I appreciate all your information here. I am a newbie and am interested in learning more from what other marketer’s have to say about internet marketing online. I find the best information is by reading people’s blogs. Thanks for you info here.


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