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Zeek Rewards Shut Down By Attorney General?


Well, I hate to say I told you so, but I kind of did.

As of 9:22p on August 16th, here’s what ZeekRewards.com looks like (click to enlarge):

Zeek Rewards Shut Down

Check out the snip from an article below:

“Rex Venture Group, which operates the online penny auction site Zeekler.com and affiliates program Zeek Rewards, has closed its headquarters for the remainder of the week for undisclosed reasons.

The company, known to most as Zeek, posted three signs on the windows of its headquarters at 803 W. Center St. in Lexington by about 4 p.m. on Thursday that stated the office will be closed, telling visitors to “check the website for more information.” As of 6:22 p.m., there was no further information available on Zeekler.com or zeekrewards.com.

Zeekler.com and zeekrewards.com were offline as of 9 p.m.

The company also announced it is canceling its upcoming “Red Carpet” event, scheduled for Wednesday. The announcement, made on zeekrewardsnews.com, also advised readers to continue to monitor its websites for more information to be forthcoming.

On Monday, the company also advised Zeek Rewards affiliates there would be no training, recruitment and leadership calls during “the next few days while planning is going on,” according to a message on zeekrewards.com.”

I’m also hearing the company has been drawing the attention of at least one state Attorney General.

Not looking too good for Zeek and  it’s reps at this point.  More as it comes in.

Update August 17th 10:36pm Pacific:

Wall Street Journal Reports That SEC Has Shut Down Zeek Rewards

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  1. Not quite understanding your tone. You are assuming (you know what that means) that the temporary shutdown is a precursor for Zeek's dissolution. On the contrary, could this be an important step in Zeek’s truly defending its business model and legitimacy as a groundbreaking MLM company? How many current reputable MLM companies have had their doors shut down for a period of time while they defend themselves from the few but very loud squeaky wheels that get the attention of the federal authorities? Let’s all just sit and wait this out. No sense worrying about that of which have no control.

  2. @RPKINGiii….Seriosuly?? “On the contrary, could this be an important step in Zeek’s truly defending its business model and legitimacy as a groundbreaking MLM company?” You really think the shutdown of this magnitude is a precursor to better things coming? Do they even have the financial wherewithal to fight the AG. If they had a good fight on their hands I doubt they would need to shut the site down, send the employees home with boxes in hand and cancel ALL calls and events.

    “How many current reputable MLM companies have had their doors shut down for a period of time while they defend themselves from the few but very loud squeaky wheels that get the attention of the federal authorities.”
    I don’t know how many? Name a few for us please?

  3. They are most certainly not a ponzi. The people making these claims are either uninvolved in the company or jealous they didn't come up with the concept of this ingenious business venture and are making a good income. Stop being so ungodly hateful towards people who are succeeding.

  4. It's most certainly not a ponzi. The people claiming such absurdities are just bitter that they didn't come up with such a genious business venture.

    • I'm glad you're happy that thousands of families were using this as a way to feed their families because they couldnt find employment and now can't do so. These people on here seem like the type that will complain about people on welfare…and then turn around and complain about people finding ways to feed their families on a more than minimum wage income. Gloat away…I can only pray god judges all of you the same way you judge others and gloat in their mishaps. Luckily for me…this was just an extra endeavor…but for MANY…this was how they paid their rent and bought their kids back to school items. This is a time to be very sorry for those families…not a time to preach ponzi to everyone. As if the government hasnt shut other businesses down for making a more than favorable amount of money without the people needing anything from them. PLEASE. Yes…it got out of hand…YES the layout of the business didnt pan out to what was expected i.e – enough bids being sold to fund the amount being paid out to affiliates from what I've gathered. So what? at least they tried to make their idea work. Many people are cowards and will never put their ideas into action. I'm proud to have been a part of this experience. I've met amazing people..and I've grown from it. To me…thats priceless. Gloat on that..

      • No one said they are happy about this. You are the one who attacked the integrity of this web site and me personally. I am extremely sad for the families hurt by this, but at the same time, we have been talking about the problems with Zeek since February/March. The writing was on the wall, but it was ignored by many. I wish you well.

    • Who said he was happy about it? Apparently it's lost on you that Zeekler was lying to everyone and running an illegal Ponzi scheme. It's also lost on you why Ponzi schemes are illegal. Hint: Because when they collapse, they leave a lot more victims than people that benefit. Just ask the hundreds of thousands who have put money into Zeekler and now will lose it all (with possibility to get some back after the entire mess is sorted in 1 – 2 years). Please tell us how this "genius business venture" is helping them. Zeekler invented nothing other than another way to run a Ponze scheme. Ponzi schemes have been around as long as, well, Ponzi himself. Sitting here and blaming the GOVERNMENT for protecting more citizens from getting conned by this scam is frightening. The fact that you were "proud to be part of this" is even more frightening. You (and many others) have drunk the kool-aid and believe you are entitled to make money for doing NOTHING. It's no wonder this country is in so much trouble,

    • No…the people who are getting government welfare checks and electing a president ill equipped for the job are the reason the country is in economic failure. I guess using billions of dollars to bail out companies, who then, sent the work over seas to get cheaper work and lay off hundreds of thousands of people thats okay, right? Zeekler helped TONS of people….it may not have if it kept going but it DID help people temporarily. People would love to work for what they get Dan….theres just one problem…THERE ARENT MANY JOBS FOR OTHERS LEFT. You try living on minimum wage…do you think you could swing it? pay a car payment? pay rent? feed kids? luckily I have a job and run an office…I'm sticking up for the many other people who everyone has been slandering because they tried to have a piece of the pie. People like you should just keep their mouths shut because you have no sense of connecting to humanity what-so-ever. People do what they have to to get by sir. You would too if you were in that position.

    • Do you know what a full time employee makes a year at minimum wage? they make about 20,000.00 a year BEFORE TAXES. Now you take a $300.00 a month car payment out of that. Take $600.00 a month for rent out of that. Take $150.00 a month out of that for utilities. Dont forget child care which is about $200.00 a week where I live. YOU CANT POSSIBLY SWING THAT. You can't blame people for wanting to have money to survive…legal or not…some people dont always have the extra time while trying to swing lifes hardships to sit down and read every ungodly tid bit of every law ever created in this country, or to read into what they're signing up for. People just knew they were in a rough spot and saw a way to provide a little better for their families for a while. Im not sticking up for ponzi schemes…im sticking up for the fact that dirty deals got this country in the mess its in…you cant blame the people for doing dirty deals to survive when their establishments put them in this position. Thats just logic…its reality…face it.

    • So "the ends justifies the means"? It's THAT attitude that is helping to ruin this country. Not everyone that works full-time makes minimum wage. Usually, the better educated, harder working people make more money. Yes, many got screwed when jobs went overseas, but many also went out, worked hard, re-educated themselves and got a better than minimum wage paying full-time job. It's there if you really WANT IT. To sit here and make attmepts to justify the ripping off of other ZR affiliates is ABSURD. Please tell everyone here how ZR has helped the tens/hundreds of thousands of people who recently put money in and will lose it all. The SAME PEOPLE who need extra income. You make absolutely no sense and if there is someone not showing any compassion for people, it's you. You previously stated about Zeekler: "at least they tried to make the idea work". The "idea" was to LIE TO and RIP-OFF unsuspecting people in need during a bad economy with an illegalePonzi scheme, and you sit here and pat them on the back for it?!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?. It's the people that run Zeekler, and the plenty of others out there like them, that you should be showing your contempt for, not the people who could see it was a ponzi scheme when you couldn't. I believe you originally stated those people, the ones calling it a ponzi scheme, were "bitter that they didn't come up with such a genious business venture". Give me a break! If anyone is bitter, it is YOU, you couldn't see it for what it was.

    • Zeekler was investigated before and found to be doing things by the book Dan. It's not like it was absolutely apparent that they were a true blue ponzi scheme or else they would have never lasted as long as they did. It's that simple. Also the things you list about "harder working people" the bottom line is this: If there aren't any jobs in a given area besides the ones that pay only minimum wage, then where would you like these people to pull jobs out of thin air from? 1 out of 4 college graduates are finding jobs right now. You make it sound like this is a matter of effort for people which is absolutely NOT the case. It is a matter of availability NOT effort. No ones at fault for this country being in the state its in besides the people running it. How can you logically debate that you are living in a country where the people running it have made a standard out of breaking laws to make money whilst shutting people down for doing the same thing. The affiliates DID NOT COME UP WITH THE BUSINESS MODEL. Paul Burks did. After reading many things about him, no i absolutely do not believe he intended for this all to work out this way. The only reason it didnt work was because he failed to put a cap on how much people (the affiliates) made therefore always assuring that the payouts never exceeded company earnings. THATS the only reason is was considered a ponzi. I don't believe he ever thought the company would take off the way it did. In the beginning the bid sales WERE exceeding the payouts to the affiliates, therefore keeping it from becoming a ponzi. I dont make sense? Anyone reading this that understands basic politics and MLM would understand whatever I've referenced in what I've said. Are you insinuating that people on welfare are better people because they suck off of the government than someone who WORKS A JOB that is questionably legal by reason of a FEW measely details that can be bent in favor or against a business depending on the people and governmental department doing the scrutinizing. Please…save your breath. You're clearly an Obama lover. Maybe we could elect you and you could give welfare to every lazy person because that makes THEM WAY better than people who work questionable jobs or start questionable businesses. BUSINESS IS RISK. WELFARE IS 99% LAZE.

    • Your ignorance level is off the charts. I'm an Obama lover?!? Your analytical skills leave a lot to be desired, no wonder you joined this scam, you are the kind of person they target. Anyway, this thread is about ZR being a SCAM. You clealry don't know what a Ponzi scheme is and to *STILL* be defending it is obscene. The *ONLY* reason it was a Ponzi was because 98% of the money in ZR came from the "affiliates" buying VIP points, the penny auction site "profits" were virtually non-existant, it was all a con to hoodwink people into the program. Zeekler was paying early affiliates with the new affiliates buy-in money which never went to the auction site (less than 0.25% did according to SEC doc). Ponzi 101. Anyone that understands basic mathm and what a Ponzi scheme is can EASILY see it. You, on the other hand. Oh, wait, it was a "BUSINESS MODEL". LOL! You drank the Kool-Aid and are towing the company line even though all FACTS are against you. Burks and company are nothing more than a bunch of low-life criminals who prey on the desperate in a bad economic situation with promises of riches FOR DOING NOTHING. And people like you believe them because they claim it is a "business model". They have just cost tens/hundreds of thousands of people every penny they put into ZR. btw, your lectures about "compassion" are offensive. You continue to still DEFEND these lying con artists who just cost tens/hundreds of thousands of people every penny they put into it and then tell others they have no "compassion"? Right. You sit here and blame politicians for breaking laws to make money and then attempt to justify the Zeekler con artists breaking laws so the "less fortunate" can make easy money. You are a hypocrite, and a pretty ignorant one at that.

    • Dan you are a sociopathic know it all…and since I own a photography business and manage a business office…I really just don't have time to pay attention to you or care about your existence. You are a nobody. Go pretend you're a somebody to someone who will be dumb enough to believe you're idiotic logic.

    • Oh and I forgot to mention I run a non profit organization for bullied children too…GOD…Im such a lazy and stupid person for getting involved with zeekler. NO COMPASSION OR ANYTHING FOR HUMANITY…haha. Dan you are a joke.

    • "I really just don't have time to pay attention to you or care about your existence." And yet you continue to reply .. multiple times .. to one post. What person with a "busy life" takes time to argue with alleged "morons"?!? Alrighty then… According to YOU, Zeekler was "a genious business venture". Sorry, it was an illegal Ponzi scheme run by criminals to get rich off the gullible. You said: "I'm proud to have been a part of this experience." Good for you, just shows your ignorance. You somehow jumped to the ridculous conclusion that I support Obama and welfare. If anyone here is like Obama, it is you. You sit here and blame others for the "bad situation" less fortunate people are in – classic Obama. Don't take responsibility, blame everyone else for your problems, you are in a bad situation because it's all the government's fault. Yeah, right. To sit here and repeatedly justify an illegal scam to make money is absurd. Wanna see a what a moron looks like? Take a look in the mirror. It's better to be thought the fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I will applaud you for volunteering your time and helping others, but your view on Zeekler is ABSURD.

    • Last time I checked, the federal reserve was a form of a ponzi scheme. The largest one of all of them. Oh and wouldn't the stock market be a form of gambling in ways as well, since zeek was a form of gambling "in ways". I think every business is a pyramid structure too, with all of the pawns at the bottom and the ceo at the top making all of the money. Gee, maybe zeek was one that just had a failed business plan like many other companies that have come and gone. The worst outcomes can carry the best intentions…geniuses.

    • Sorry Chad, but Zeekler was nothing like the stock market. When you buy stock, you know what you are getting, stock. You know you are investing (or gambling if that's the way you view it). ZR did everything in their power to brainwash people into thinking they WEREN'T making an investment when that's exactly what they were doing. They forced affiliates to pay for a "compliance" course and sign-off on the notion they weren't "investing". They threatened to kick affiliates out if they use the word "investment" when trying to recruit new affiliates. That is only one of the many lies they told (such as they were letting you share profits from a penny-auction website, profits that were virtually non-existant through the entire ZR program). ZR told you they were selling apples and oranges when they were really selling lemons. There is no "genius" in lying to people and re-packaging the same scam that's been around for at least a couple hundred years. Reminds me of a quote I read when the Spongtech stock scam went down a couple of years ago: "The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed." which is attributed to the Nazis (but may have originated elsewhere).

    • If you're going to argue about their business..Please don't insult us with your uneducated guesses about what was, is, and would have been. In the beginning, zeek rewards WAS selling plenty of bids to pay their affliliates. Theres tons of online penny auctions that function properly. The FLAW in the business model, is not in which was that they were conning people. They failed to cap the compensation to the affiliates. They didn't do the math and realize compensating their affiliates well…with the NOTION that more bids would sell while advertising, doesnt ALWAYS pan out to be successful. In any business venture…you take a risk that the product may not sell. I personally have bought bids. So do not tell me that they were scamming people because IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS BUYING BIDS AND RECEIVED WON ITEMS. It's very easy to pick on the guy who is down. You are such a coward to speak such ill words towards a business you clearly didnt understand the entire basis of. You must be miserable with your life to only kick people when they're down…because you're weak…you otherwise would have no weight in effecting ANYONES business decisions. Here's a tip: Don't argue about things you dont have a clue about ESPECIALLY business. You just look uneducated. NOW I'm done. Go find another topic to hassle people about so you can lurk in the shadows waiting for it to fail…for that opportune moment you can pathetically say "i told you so".

    • My "guess" is not un-educated, I KNOW what happened as it's all documented in the SEC complaint. You, on the other hand, are CLUELESS, you are the reason that con artists like this succeed. I'm guessing math was not your strong suit? 98% of money going to invetsors, uh, I mean affiliates, came from other affiliates buy-in money. It makes ZERO DIFFERENCE what percentage they used for compensation, or if they capped compensation. There's a very good reason why it wasn't capped. TO GET MORE PEOPLE TO JOIN. That's how con-artists work. The ONLY way exisiting affiliates could be compensated was if they had a steady, increasing stream of NEW affiliates buying in, that's where 98% of the money was coming from, which you apparently still do not understand. There never was any significant profits in the penny auctions (or other RVG enterprises) to be shared before OR after the affiliate program started. And that's what they told you the RPP was, right?? A profit share. They LIED to you, they were "sharing" the other affiliates buy-in, with the people who got in at the start TAKING THE BIGGEST CUT (the pyramid part of the scam). The majority of affiliates were only interested in recruiting new affiliates and/or posting worthless ads on websites to compound their VIP points as evidenced by the SECs finding that *LESS THAN* 0.25% of the VIP bids purchased ever made it to the penny auction site. So the fact that YOU and some other people won an item on their penny auction site means bubkus. You drank the Kool-Aid and threw all common sense and understanding of finance/mathematics out the window. I guess Burks just paid the SEC $4M because this whole thing was legit and the only problem was they failed to cap the affiliate rewards, right? LOL!!!! But go right ahead, keep calling it a "business model", that could be what Charles Ponzi called it when he ran it. I do feel sorry for those who were duped into this and realized they lost money because they were scammed. You, on the other hand, are just too ignorant to get it. Hopefully one day your denial will go away and you'll accept what just happened was a scam from DAY ONE, like most other people already have.

    • All i can say is that you need some significant psychological help. You know, with your insecurities, your obsession with being right, your delusions about a business you werent part of, your unrealistic approach to believing EVERYTHING YOU READ, the unbelievable realization that you're complaining about pyramid schemes when the government and federal reserve are the biggest pyramid schemes on the face of the earth. Please. Go read some articles and then get back to me.

    • I thought you were done wasting your time with a "moron" like me? You said that about five posts ago, yet you continue to reply. And *I'M* the one that needs psychiatric help? LOL!!! You remind me of the one paranoid, delusional idiot that reality show producers cast per season, obviously put there for everyone's "entertainment". You should apply, you're a shoe-in for the "role". Wait, I forgot, the GOVERNMENT doesn't want you to succeed financially – scratch that idea because you may win some $$$.

      As stated before, there's a VERY GOOD reason I, and many others with the ability to think for themselves, could see this was nothing but a PONZI SCHEME from day one. All it took was common sense, understanding mathematics at about a 5th grade level and an understanding of what's a realistic return on an investment. I know, you can't say that word "investment" because the compliance police at Zeekler told you it wasn't an investment. Right…

      Why not take the time and EDUCATE YOURSELF and do a little mathematics DD. Open your Zeekler spreadsheet, start it day one at $10k. Set the RPP to 1.5%. The SEC doc reports that was the approximate daily average which was pulled out of Burks' ass, it had nothing to do with company profits. He just insured it averaged 1.5% daily to create the illusion the company was profitable. Set 100% re-investment and make sure you include the 90-day rolloff. There was no requirement to pull money out, and you were "encouraged" to keep 80% in to keep compounding VIP points, the clear sign of a Ponzi (encourages you to put in and keep in as much as possible). Now, how long before you're a millionaire? Answer: Just short of two years. So you could turn $10k plus a small monthly fee into $1M in just two short years for posting one (useless) ad a day, the same exact ad being posted by ~one million other people. Wow, those penny auctions must be killing it, WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!?! LOL!! FYI, you would be a BILLIONAIRE in three years, and a TRILLIONAIRE in just under 10 years, all through the magic of compunding, even with 90-day roll-off. The SEC report says this is the way most "affiliates" choose to operate, posting one ad a day and compunding VIP points, they had NO INTEREST in the penny auction site. Sound like a legitimate "business model" to you? Didn't think so… I understand the "business model" perfectly.

      Instead of living in your delusional Zeekler fantasyland, try educating yourself and read the SEC report. It is the only set of numbers that doesn't come from a Zeekler insider/zealot (read: unbiased). Try educating yourself on similar ponzi schemes to ZR that were busted long before ZR. Start your Google adventure with "Ads Surf Daily"and "Andy Bowdoin" as Zeekler is almost a carbon copy of that Ponzi scheme busted in 2008. in fact, several ASD insiders that escaped the reach of the law were founding members of ZR, got in up front and pulled in MILLIONS. Bowdoin is now in jail and is soon to be sentenced to prison. To this day, there are still some delusional nimrods trying to defend this criminal when he ADMITTED it was a Ponzi scheme and plead guilty to wire fraud (as part of a deal to drop all the other charges he faced).

      Common sense should tell you that an innocent man, running a legitimate business, hires a lawyer to defend him if he believes he is wrongly accused of something. A guilty man pays a $4M fine straight away. This SEC complaint is just the beginning, once the criminal charges come out some more heads are going to roll. Sit back and watch the show because you are about to be exposed the the REALITY of Zeekler Rewards.

    • Are you a robot? you say the same things over and over…and ive lost all respect for you as a human being because…you dont seem to understand that you havent swayed my opinion in the first ninety times you've said the SAME EXACT THINGS. I unfortunately have to work online being that i run the non profit and i have to maintain the photography website…and if i could get facebook to stop alerting me every time you type a "How to bullshit for dummies" book…I would. SHHHHHHHHH I dont want to talk to you anymore. I'll pretend you dont exist and you pretend I don't exist…and then you can go harrass other people. Your time will be freed up to go be a thorn in someone elses side. I mean its a win-win for you. now SKATTTT

    • Keep your paranoid delusions, keep drinking the Kool Aid, live in your Zeekler fantasy land all you want. Anyone with half-an-ounce of common sense now knows it was a scam all along. If you actually profited at the expense of the tens/hundreds of thousands of people who lost every penny to this scam, have fun sleeping at night. And wait for THE MAN to come and get your ill-gotten gains via a clawback. 😉

    • Still with the name calling? Hard to be bitter when I didn't put a single dime into Zeekler. 😉 And to think, these criminals now have your SS#, bank info, credit card info, etc. If you look into internet fraud over the past 5 – 10 years, and the people that do this kind of thing, losing a little money may be the least of your worries down the road. Not to mention the IRS. Good luck to you.

    • I had my identity stolen from the university i was attending. It doesn't have to be "criminals and creeps out in the interweb"…

    • I'm well aware fraud is not solely carried out via the "interweb". Unlike you, I only quote things people actually say. I wonder if you still think Zeekler is "a genious business venture" and if you are still "proud to have been a part of this experience"? Check out the link below:


      Are you still glad to be the part of something that stole the life's-savings ($7k) of a family that was using the money to help their leukema stricken daughter?!?

    • Dan, you look like a middle aged golfer…so go golf. Who would feel good about this sick little girl? That family put their money into this just like I did…For them…I wish it wouldnt have shut down so they could continue to give her everything she needs even if it wasn't clear cut legit. Would you rather her family to have never made any money which went towards her treatments because it was a shotty business plan….or do you wish they would have stayed open so…no matter what…this sick kid could get help. Finally…I'll add to that…that you never gamble business money you need for health reasons…it wasn't a good idea on her families part to put the money she needs to survive into ANY form of risky business…stock included.

    • This is really no different that corporate bail outs putting people out of a job..or the economy being bad and people losing everything. This was one last gamble people had the option to make….people will do anything for a way out of poverty or to help their kids. There isn't assistance money right now to help this little girl…Im sure both parents cant work being that shes sick…and im sure the hospital bills are far to high for them to even begin to afford on one income. The economy was a terrible place way before zeekler..and its going to continue to be a terrible place on after… I think most people knew the risk…but i think people were willing to take it out of desperation. A crappy option is better than absolutely no options at all. I think Zeekler gave people something to believe in and look forward to even though it didnt last. Otherwise people would have felt even more hopeless way sooner than now. The let down of the cruel world and reality is what sucks…not this ponzi or that. I think for a while people were able to live in a fantasy where things could be paid for and worries were over. People need that sometimes.

    • I understand millions of people desperately need money, but you still just DONT GET IT. You say: "For them…I wish it wouldnt have shut down so they could continue to give her everything she needs even if it wasn't clear cut legit" One day, hopefully SOON, you will understand that if they left this open, it would have completely collapsed and every single dollar in ZR would be gone. By the SEC stepping in when they did, this family now has the chance to eventually get some of their money back, but it will take years for that to happen. I'd rather her family found a better way to invest their money. You say "I think for a while people were able to live in a fantasy where things could be paid for and worries were over. People need that sometimes". Yes, people need escapes from reality sometimes, but a temporary escape is not worth your life's savings. These are the people the con artists running these scams prey on. Like I said earlier, hopefully you will understand that one day soon. btw, after the ASD Ponzi crashed, there was a group of delusional zealots who petitioned the governament to LEGALIZE Ponzi schemes. Don't turn into one of those people who attempt to justify this because it helps people at the beginning of the scam. that's the way it works to give you the illusion it's real. In the end, it's a DISASTER, and not only from a $$$ perspective. Many famlilies/friendships are going to be DESTROYED over this, that news story is the tip of the iceberg. I've already seen storied of some death threats from affiliates to their upline.

    • You aren't looking at this from how I am. I see your point…I respect your point. I'm saying a temporary source of income for the many hundreds of thousands that were withdrawaling it before the collapse…was much better than MANY poor people getting nothing. Do you see? Yes i do realize some people would have lost a lot of money…and that sucks REALLY bad…but i would rather SOME people have been able to eat that were poor…rather than NONE. Yes i feel horrible for the people like myself that wouldnt have gotten and didnt get anything…but if it helped some desperate people eat and pay their bills for a little while…then Im happy. I wish the whole entire economy would work out that everyone had the opportunity to work and could pay their bills…in my eyes…some being able to do that…with no bias of how much they're worth…just when they started the program…is better than the cruel reality of how its laid out now. I read about a woman who saw her husband for the first time EVER because she took money out and got the eye surgery they could never afford…to me thats absolutely priceless…if i lost some money so she could have that amazing experience that i take for granted every single day…then god bless her.

    • Things like that, the woman getting eye surgery, people getting food to eat, etc. happen all the time through charity and other means. For all the lives that will be decimated, sorry, the price is much too high, IMO.

    • Kylie, i saw your entries on the Zeek blog and I must say you have such a healthy attitude to life. i would love to be in contact and hear more. Yael Guttentag Slutzki

  5. Jealousy is a terrible thing. It neither makes you prosperous nor makes the world a better place. It certainly doesn't make you a wise business person.

    • It's amazing what people will attempt to justify if it is making them money. Apparently DD nowadays is making decisions based on a couple Google searches and believing what the con men (and women) are selling. Zeekler Rewards is a thinly-veiled ponzy scheme, anyone that runs the numbers and sees the company's evasivness when asked legitimate questions about the revenue mix cans see it.

    • It's not a ponzi scheme. They were not shut down by the Attorney General, they closed their doors themselves, so the investigation could be investigated quickly. Don't talk about what you know nothing about. I guarantee you that, you don't even understand the business model. People like you are the problem, negative about things you don't even understand. You're bitter, please remember that the energy you put out, comes right back. Be happy for people that have worked hard, don't be so hateful. It's just not neccessary

    • Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

      Zeekler is under investigation by SEC and Secret Service, as well as the AG in North Carolina. It's following the same path as a similar ponzi scheme that was busted in 2008(Ads Surf Daily). Apparently, people didn't learn a lesson from that, the allure of "easy" money makes people turn a blind eye to reality.


    • And it's amazing what people will say about an illegal scam just because it made them easy money. There's a good reason why a lot of people were never a part of it, they could see what it actually was from the beginning. 😉

  6. Rod Cook, I looked up to you as an authority of mlm’s and have learned from you about marketing and bought your Products.

    I am appaulled that you would make such a lame statement about moving the company out of N.C. What would that have changed, nothing. Attack dogs are attack dogs, they are coming regardless

    You’ve lost all credibility with me and my business, shame on you.

  7. Many MLM businesses are doing businesses, how could pump the profitscomes out, the problem of zeekrewards is over. Only the base root should be known

  8. Alot of people relied on Zeek Rewards for their monthly income to pay bills, take care of family needs and to climb out of the rat race working so hard. I am a member of Zeek Rewards. I need to move forward and was on a converence call with Vitel this morning. I am here to help for those in need of paying their bills. God Bless.

  9. Zeekrewards is just a auction website thats a good investment , the auction part of it is well if you get a item you’ll be lucky if someone hasn’t out bid you or you got lucky because the timer ran out and you won the item at the bid price. It’s not what alot of uneducated people say it is … don’t listen to people that don’t know and speak what they think , go with people that are honest and know what there talking about.

  10. Oh yeah and Dan Lewis up there oviously hasn’t analized out the website . It doesn’t take much of a brain to understand. It’s one of the more simplier things. Dan Lewis I hope your boy turns out honest and looks and you and figures out the flaws and knows what not to be like. Be honest , speak truth , and your speaking of what you think without knowing , unless you do know and if your a liar then because you hate this program and lie about it. But it’s not a scheme of any kind. People that bid in the auction can oviously see that they pay .65 cents a bid. But people like me give them 500 free bids!! Makeing there odds alot better to win the auction.

  11. People, the owners of sites like these are from ordinary self-appointed authorities, that gossip for a living. Don't get wrapped up in all of this. Zeek will release information as soon as it prudent for them to do so. Go out and play with your kids or spend some time with friends and family until this all blows over.

    • Ok Michael, you can ignore the fact that my site has been around since 2003 and that I am a published author on the subject of Neteork Marketing if that makes you feel better.

  12. Last and most importantly this is not a credible site or source for any kind of truth, just people with nothing better to do but gossip and toot their own horn. This industry has people involved in it that have stooped to incredibly low levels to build a name for themselves whether good or bad, just to get attention.

  13. Well Michael Clouser, the owner of this site is a published author on the subject of Network Marketing and this site has been up since 2003. I’ve seen this blind ignorance of the facts hundreds of times. I will just wish you luck and leave it at that.

  14. Guys the government shut it down it was a ponzi why is that so hard to grasp!! Part of a ponzi scheme scheme is people loose money, especially the ones that put in last!!! If u guys like those types of businesses don’t get upset there’s plenty of other ones online to join just do your research and make you’re YouTube videos like last time!!!

  15. Really sad to read these post, a lot of people still want to believe in Zeek. It was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning, just in a new wrapper. Their lawyers found ways of defining their model to avoid the legal definition of a Ponzi scheme, that’s what lawyers do. As far as Zeek coming back to life, it won’t. The president is kicked out, assets frozen, employees locked out. They are in “receivership”, hopefully, they will be able to refund as many duped investors as possible. There are many more “I told you so’s” coming, but they will most likely fall on angry deaf ears, and we will see this again an few years in another new wrapper.

  16. Also, at least this time, the Feds did a good job, their timing was not an accident. Zeek owed 160 million and had a profit of 162 million, they were right at the point where a Ponzi scheme collapses. When you hit a point where there isn’t enough cash to pay a return to investors, it all falls apart. The shrewd people at the top make a fortune, the rest get screwed, usually the ones who can’t afford it. Feds stepped in and froze the assets before the system imploded, preserving the capital for potential reimbursement to investors. They are dong their job of protecting investors.

  17. Sorry gang, Zeek is gone. The president is gone, the employees are locked out, the assets are frozen and the company is in “receivership”. The job of the appointed receiver is to get the assets back to the investors (or affiliates if you prefer). The timing of the SEC shutdown was not random. The Feds jumped in right at the moment before the collapse and froze the assets to prevent those at the top from running off with enormous returns and leaving you with nothing. In doing so, they may have preserved enough capital to get you a refund if you lost money. This time, they did their job. I hope anyone who lost money gets a refund. Oh, and by the way, it is a classic ponzi scheme. Whenever returns are paid by capital from new investors (or the new lawyer definition “affiliates”), there will be a point where this is not enough to pay everyone. The books will show this, and the president took a deal rather than being prosecuted because he knows it. He designed this way.

  18. Dan is right, you guys just don’t want to hear it. Sorry. I have a family member who was involved, lost about $4,000-he was trying to get me in, i was very skeptical so i held off-for once the rat bastards didn’t get me.

  19. Choose your business wisely.

    Many folks are lured in by deals like this due to their greed.

    Companies know that.

    Research your company first. See how long it has already been in business.

    Past performance is often a good indicator of future performance.

    Rather than just joining a company that can make you a few dollars today, why not partner with a company that can pay you for decades to come?

    Just my two cents.



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