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Former Arbonne Sr. VP Candace Keefe Joins Bioceutica (Former Trump Network)


I know, a lot of formers going on in that blog title.

Multiple sources (and now a press release) are telling me that Candace Keefe has accepted the position of CEO at Bioceutica which used to be Trump Network and Ideal Health before that.

Candace was a well respected Sr. VP ar Arbonne who left the company to (seemingly) co-found her own company called Apriori.

Later Candace seemed to run into trouble with her other partners and left Apriori, causing a bit of a stir and a few “I told you so’s” from Arbonne folks.

Here’s the press release:

Bioceutica LLC has appointed multi level marketing industry guru Candace Keefe as its new CEO. The company’s new owners approached Candace when they heard that she was looking for a new challenge. “Her track record is unimpeachable and her career in multi level marketing is well documented,” said Bioceutica’s chairman Antoine Nohra. “She has been at the forefront of many of the industry’s successes. We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Candace and secured her commitment to Bioceutica.”

“Like all businesses today, Bioceutica faces considerable challenges as the American economy goes through a period of adjustment. Today, companies need leaders with vision and energy. They need leaders who are brave and informed,” said Mr. Nohra.

One of Ms. Keefe’s first tasks is to revamp the company’s compensation plan. “I firmly believe that to be successful, a company’s marketers need to be well rewarded,” she said. “Bioceutica will be introducing an industry-leading compensation plan created for the 21st century; one that addresses the challenges of today and ensures that hard work is very well rewarded.”

Another priority for Candace is the enhancement of Bioceutica’s product line—an area where Candace excels. “Every successful company needs good products,” she said. “The collective vision for Bioceutica is to offer the very best-in-class products in the health and beauty industry.”

To this task, the new CEO brings unrivalled expertise and close working relationships with the beauty care industry’s top people. In the near future, the company plans to launch a range of products that will be not only impactful and effective, but to which Bioceutica owns outright the intellectual property rights and formulae.

Bioceutica has for a long time been a sleeping giant. Today, with a new management team and a charismatic CEO at the helm, the momentum is there that will doubtless carry the company to the top. Perhaps more than any other MLM industry executive, Ms. Keefe knows the changing culture of the health and beauty sector. She understands that Bioceutica’s target audience is much more discerning and demanding than the mass market . And she recognizes that the new Bioceutica organization must be better equipped than its competitors to deliver what its customers want and demand.

“I have always believed that unless you have the very best products that provide the best results to your customers, you have no right to be in business,” said Ms. Keefe. “I also believe it will take all of our collective courage and commitment to achieve our goals, and there’s no better time to get started than right now.”

“Bioceutica has committed considerable funds to ensure that Candace’s vision will be achieved,” said Mr. Nohra. “With her knowledge, skill and dynamic energy, we know that Bioceutica’s future is very bright.”


  1. I have never heard of this company, I looked it up on the internet. Is it like Isagenix?

    Anyone know what Rita Davenport is doing these days? Miss her!

  2. Hopefully they run Bioceutica a little bit better, I had friends join Trump Network who never got their vitamins, and couldn’t get a refund either. Very sketchy for something Donald Trump backed…

  3. Yes, The Trump Network still owes a considerable amount of money to many of their former distributors like us. They stopped paying their distributors when they went into financial default on the many loans the founders had undrtaken about two years ago. Be careful with this bunch! You may never see the maney you earn…


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