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MonaVie’s Compensation Plan Outlawed In Germany?


How would you like to go to prison for two years for building MonaVie in Germany?

This is pretty wild because Germany is a huge market for MLM with several large companies headquartered in the country.

Source (translated):

By its decision of 24.08.2010 (Az: 3-12 O 98/10) the district court of Frankfurt am Main elemtare has forbidden parts of the compensation plan MonaVie LLC. Accordingly, contrary parts of the plan to the prohibition of canvassing progressive gem. § 16 para 2 UWG. This was done by our firm for our client acted in accordance with request made in full.

Already dated 13.08.2010 (AZ: 3-11 O 94/10) adopted the Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main, a decision against two identical MonaVie distributor. It is therefore clear that not only the organizing company agent can be in the spirit of the rule, but each distributor, the new sales recruits or for advertising does.

It is worth noting in this connection that it is justified to § 16 para 2 UWG not just a competition rule that injunctive relief and damages claims, but is also a penal provision, sanction to the infringements by imprisonment up to two years.

MonaVie’s web site is denying the allegations as rumor, saying that they have not been notified, even though the information sites a court case and regional court. So we will continue to follow this story.

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  1. Hi Ty
    great post. Germany is an interesting market, we had some trouble at the start but seems to be going a lot better now.
    Compensation plans are an interesting thing, some countries allow everything you have and others don’t. I remember when ACN first opened in Australia, they were not allowed because of what they had (I am not with ACN) but then later the country allowed them to open.
    It is a shame that the company (Monavie) did not do some research before opening to protect their distributors.
    I hope they work this out for the peoples sake.
    Hey Ty, you have become the “ground breaking reporter”. I can see you with one of those hats, note pad and pen 🙂
    Keep it up mate


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