What would happen if a group of Quixtar IBOs got together and decided to share files?

I know that Quixtar Diamond IBO Leaders only want the best for their downline, so I can’t imagine they would have a problem with putting training materials online. The IBO leaders seem far too busy to upload the training materials (Standing Order CD) to Kazaa or Limewire, but they couldn’t possibly object to a tech savvy IBO doing it for them.

All the tech savvy (or not) IBO would need to do is download Kazaa or Limewire, (I prefer Limewire) and then upload the CD of the week onto his computer and into the Limewire folder and presto…the CD of the week would now be available to everyone in the world.

Ouuuu…but what about the cost?

Ha. No problemo. Outside of the cost of purchasing the one CD from the IBO Leader System (WWDB, BWW, Winters, TEAM, Network 21) this would be free.

Yes, you read this right. Quixtar leaders could get standing order information out to everyone in the world for free via Limewire, but they are too busy doing stuff. It has nothing to do with them making money on the CDs, I’m sure it’s the time factor. It might take 10-15 minutes a week to upload one CD and these Quixtar Diamond Leaders are busy.

So once someone uploads the CDs to Limewire, any IBO could download Limewire for free and then upload the CDs to their computer.

And they say that all I do is bash Quixtar…see how I am helping?