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What would happen if a group of Quixtar IBOs got together and decided to share files?

I know that Quixtar Diamond IBO Leaders only want the best for their downline, so I can’t imagine they would have a problem with putting training materials online. The IBO leaders seem far too busy to upload the training materials (Standing Order CD) to Kazaa or Limewire, but they couldn’t possibly object to a tech savvy IBO doing it for them.

All the tech savvy (or not) IBO would need to do is download Kazaa or Limewire, (I prefer Limewire) and then upload the CD of the week onto his computer and into the Limewire folder and presto…the CD of the week would now be available to everyone in the world.

Ouuuu…but what about the cost?

Ha. No problemo. Outside of the cost of purchasing the one CD from the IBO Leader System (WWDB, BWW, Winters, TEAM, Network 21) this would be free.

Yes, you read this right. Quixtar leaders could get standing order information out to everyone in the world for free via Limewire, but they are too busy doing stuff. It has nothing to do with them making money on the CDs, I’m sure it’s the time factor. It might take 10-15 minutes a week to upload one CD and these Quixtar Diamond Leaders are busy.

So once someone uploads the CDs to Limewire, any IBO could download Limewire for free and then upload the CDs to their computer.

And they say that all I do is bash Quixtar…see how I am helping?

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  1. IBOFightback, I think you just went down a road you did not want to travel.

    1. Every "company" that produces tools is owned by a high level Quixtar IBO.

    2. The incentive to produce tools that help your team should be obvious…they help your team.

    3. It is painfully obvious that the Quixtar compensattion is not enough for the high ranking Quixtar IBOs. In order to make Quixtar a viable business opportunity, the compensation must be supplemented with tools money. The high level IBOs care more about the tool profits than they care about the Quixtar profits.

    4. These tool "companies" should be replaced by Quixtar…I'll even tell Quixtar how to get started…soon.

  2. IBOFightback

    Before you decide to fight back, you should understand what it is you are fighting back about.

    Guess what? Most people who have a poor opinion of Quixtar don't actually have aproblem with the products. Some may find them more expensive, but some may also feel its worth it.

    I can't believe I have to explain this to you since you are an expert on the topic (snicker) but the problem is as follows:

    Most of the "leaders" in Amway/Quixtar derived the majority of their income from the "tools" business.

    That was a well kept secret. They knew it, and worst of all, Quixtar knew it…for almost a quarter century. Now they are apparantly going to fix the problem.

    If the "tools" provide a true value (ie. lead people to financial freedom) then they are worth hanging on to. Most people do not feel they provide that.

    As to why should they invest into something they get nothing out of, what do you mean?

    If the "tools" do provide the know how for all the IBO's to have massive amounts of PV flow through their businesses, isn't that reward enough for the people providing the "tools"?

    Oh, wait…

    The "tools" are worth more than PV to them.

    Throw that little fact on your Truths about Quixtar.

  3. Except of course the companies producing these materials are for-profit companies. Why would they produce them and distribute them for free? What's the incentive? Or do we go back to having resources only produced by our upline? Even there, once you're a diamond or two removed from an IBO, the profit they make on your individual A/Q business is negligible – so why would they go to the effort and cost of producing and distributing this stuff?

    Furthermore, with no profit incentive, why should these companies and their owners then invest in producing new materials, with new strategies and taking advantage of new technologies?

  4. Network TwentyOne is owned by Jim and Nancy Dornan. I did not join in Jim and Nancy Dornan's downline. So please again explain why they should help me?

    You also ignored the fact that *even if I was in their downline* if you had a cursory understanding of the plan you would know that past a certain size business, the profit the earn from my business is negligible. So again – where's the incentive?

  5. Good point, maybe that's why they seek to make profit from the tools- because I can't make a profit from your PV, but I can make a profit from tools if you join my system. Anyone can join anyone else's tool system. I'll sell you tools if you want. The incentive is when you get a bigger downline buying more tools from me. Then the system has become the supplier, not Quixtar- it's just what legitemizes it.

  6. I am helped by "crossline" in other locations all of the time. The incentive is that when they have a person in my location, I will help them.

    It's called Teamwork.

    As for the training side, the technology is in place to make it very easy to get the information out for free. There is no incentive for the diamond leaders to do that because they make a significant amount of their income from the tools business.

  7. Anymore questions IBO Fight Back?

    The system is a problem. DEVOS HIMSELF referred to them as system abuses.

    For an expert you sure don't make much sense…

  8. And DeVos himself specifically said "some" leaders and Ed Postma in his (in)famous memo also single out one system/LOA. Convenient to ignore.

    Ty – do your crossline teammates run large companies, employing numerous staf, and source and produce materials, all at their expense, for you?

    Nice teammates.

    Jesse – without Amway/Quixtar you don't build a bigger team. This is the major logical flaw in the whole "it's all about tools and their worthless" argument. The only way to increase tools profit is to build a bigger A/Q network.

  9. yes, but the argument that there can't be a financial interest between people of different LOS' is not true. If I have a group of 100 people nad we're buying tools from you, I can bet you'll want my group to grow even if you don't make a dime off my PV.

  10. It really doesn't matter.
    The tool biz in A/Q is arguably one of the most $making businesses in MLM. Again I say arguably.
    If every brand new IBO has the same playing field to eventually become "tool leader" then all this arguing is irrellevant.
    When you look at the fact that the "system" and A/Q are blurred together, a case can be made to say that you can make a lot of money in Quixtar and have that be a factual statement. It's not like BWW is selling tools in other MLMs! Like Obi Wan's spirit when confronted by Luke about how Obi Wan prevously said Luke's father was dead. Reply: "Depends on your point of view" or something to that effect.

  11. Oh, and you can make money off PV if you DON'T buy tools.
    It's an individual choice: $ from PV, or $ from tools.
    Y'all whine too much about A/Q

  12. Jesse – but that's the point. If they weren't profiting from it they'd have no incentive to produce the materials and make them available to me.

    I'm glad they profit, otherwise I wouldn't have them available. And I think it's worth every cent I pay – plus more.


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