Have a look at the Xango web site: www.xango.com

The Xango bottle is not only front and center, but in my opinion, it looks good. Xango was the first Network Marketing company to embrace branding and because of great branding and a good product, the company had incredible growth.

However, a number of industry insiders have suggested that Xango’s growth is slowing. Xango has a good juice product, but it is no longer unique and other companies are now on board with great branding. (Agel, MonaVie and Univera have great branding already in place or in Univera’s case, coming soon).

So what’s next for Xango?

They must be innovative with the product line if they want to get back in the growth mode.

The problem? Science.

As far as I know, Xango doesn’t have a real research and development department. If Xango lucks upon another berry from some exotic location again, New Vision will be right there to produce a copy that is a little bit better (see Vemma).

The one product Network Marketing company can have a nice run, but eventually that run will come to an end. Xango made a big impact on the Network Marketing industry with branding and an innovative product, but Act 2 is about to begin for Xango and if they don’t bring something new to the table, the curtain will close on growth.