Some people have a comfort zone with technology and others are more comfortable interacting directly with people over the phone or in person.

True or False?

The first step to success in Network Marketing is getting out of your comfort zone.

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It’s one of the biggest myths in Network Marketing and we will dispel it with one simple question.

Are you more powerful working in an area of competence or incompetence?

Competence, of course, right?

Competence comes with being comfortable. Competence comes with relying on your strengths.

When launching your career in Network Marketing, embrace your strengths and begin to build your business within those strengths. As you begin to pile up little victories, (and defeats) branch out into other areas.

In the beginning, pay less attention to the results and more attention to getting the process right. Results do matter, but don’t expect to be great at something immediately. It takes practice.


MLM Blog has over 3,000 articles going back to 2003. We are in the process of updating some of this content for the current day. This post dates back to our early days, but is still relevant today.